I didn't want to play World of Warcraft, the hugely popular, 9 million subscribers and growing MMO from Blizzard. In fact, I'd actively ignored it since its release. The problem is, over the last few years there's been a constant stream of people around me who have played it or even become addicted to it. The talk of it eventually became too much to take, so I succumbed to pressure and installed what I predicted could end my life.

Gladly, or sadly if you're looking at it from another perspective, I've found myself not really enjoying what I've been playing. I'm currently a level 15 Tauren Warrior, mulling about in The Barrens. This is what I don't like about the game: the stupidly low drop rates.

I dislike this on numerous levels. For one, the fact that any quest which requires you to kill something to collect items will always take longer than you anticipate. Take a recent quest I did which required five Raptor skulls. I can't remember how many of the damn things I had to slaughter before I had picked up the five skulls, but it was a whole lot more than five and probably in the region of 20.

Secondly, it just makes no sense most of the time. If the quests were handled differently I'd partially accept it. If I had to collect 'X' amount of money from some NPC characters and some didn't have money, fine. Equally they'd each drop varying amounts of money. It would make sense. If I'm killing an animal and the loot doesn't contain a part of its anatomy then I have a problem. Why doesn't this Raptor corpse have a skull? Did I just kill a mutated Raptor whose brain was held in with just the skin on its head? I think not.

Getting about is ok for some...

What else do I not like about World of Warcraft? Well, the quest system could be overhauled slightly. "Go to the cave found in the mountain South East of the village." Fair enough. It can't be that hard to find can it? Oh, it can. 30 minutes of aimless wandering later and a high-level friend has to come over to give me directions. If people like the adventuring side of the game to be like this, fair enough, but what about some kind of on-screen directions for people that don't? Other games do this, so why can't WoW?

While I'm at it, the amount of slow walking required in World of Warcraft isn't helping the game's chances of climbing up my enjoyment scale. Early on you have no choice but to spend a long time walking. Mounts are on offer to higher level characters, which in its way serves as a good incentive to keep playing, but that's not helping my situation right now. I can take a ride from town to town (for a price) but that's like travelling by train - hardly as good as a door to door taxi service.

So, here's my message to Blizzard: You've got the most popular MMO on the market right now; please make some changes so that I can play it without wanting to smash up my keyboard up every time an animal is missing vital parts of its body.