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HD DVD Xbox 360 canned at last minute

Xbox 360 hd dvd

The Rumour: Rumours leading up to this week's CES show in Las Vegas suggested that Bill Gates would use his keynote speech to announce a new HD DVD equipped Xbox 360. Due to Warner announcing it would release movies only on Blu-ray from June Microsoft scrapped its plans at the last minute.

Verdict: The internet is often the cause of unwarranted hype. In this case the truth is probably somewhere between what happened (nothing) and what was rumoured. Microsoft had probably planned to discuss HD DVD but perhaps not a new Xbox 360.

Plausibility rating: 2/5

Halo: Chronicles demo with Halo Wars

The Rumour: Regular rumour source Surfer Girl claims that this year's Xbox 360 exclusive RTS will ship with a demo for the Peter Jackson and Wingnut Interactive's Halo: Chronicles.

Verdict: Halo Wars is expected to do good business given the popularity of the Halo brand, but an RTS isn't guaranteed to sell well on a console. Microsoft isn't new to the idea of bolstering the appeal of a game with an included extra. Crackdown most certainly benefited from the inclusion of the Halo 3 multiplayer beta.

Plausibility rating: 3/5

Xbox 720 already in development

Xbox 360

The Rumour: Leading US magazine EGM stated that a game for the Xbox 360's successor is already in development, only two years into the console's life.

Verdict: This rumour was bound to crop up sooner or later, followed by the inevitable cry from gamers that Microsoft is going to kill the Xbox 360 too soon. We don't doubt that a game is in development, but it's likely to be at a very early prototype stage. The very best current-gen games take upwards of two years to create, so including the research required when developing on a new platform we'd bank on no Xbox 720 games being released for at least three more years.

Plausibility rating: 5/5

Starship Troopers style PS3 MMO from NCsoft


The Rumour: A new MMO from NCsoft Europe is in development and it'll be the first game to come from the studio for the PlayStation 3.

Verdict: NCsoft Europe is hiring and has uploaded a decent smattering of concept art to its website. We're also expecting some news to break next week on a new MMO. Is it for the PS3? We're not sure.

Plausibility rating: 3/5

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