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Diablo 3 will come out for Xbox 360 and PS3

The Rumour: Blizzard's recently announced Diablo 3 will inevitably come out for the 'next gen' consoles.

Verdict: First we heard that it definitely wasn't coming out on console. But now the situation seems slightly different. In an interview with the Guardian Blizzard COO Paul Sams said he didn't know whether the game would be coming to the consoles, saying the decision would primarily be down to the game's controls. We here at VideoGamer.com reckon this one's a no brainer - as a hack and slash action game Diablo 3 would be much easier to make work with a console pad than, say, Starcraft 2 or World of Warcraft. And the financial lure of millions of guaranteed sales will prove hard to resist, especially among Activision's top brass. Question now is, will there be cross platform play?

Plausibility rating: 4/5

Square Enix will release Chrono Trigger for DS

Square enix logo

The Rumour: Enhanced port with added content to be officially announced for DS soon.

Verdict: This one's a certainty. There's already a Square Enix website live, called ctds (duh!). Now we know why the SNES game, which was never released in Europe, hasn't appeared on the Wii's Virtual Console. The site features a huge ticking clock, presumably counting down to E3. The question now isn't whether Chrono Trigger will be coming to the DS, but what form it will take. Will it be an enhanced port, like Square Enix's Final Fantasy remakes, or will it be a completely new game? Unfortunately we reckon fans will have to make do with a port of the SNES classic with a few new features and some fancy new FMVs. Still though, something to get excited about, eh?

Plausibility rating: 5/5

Blizzard will announce The World of Starcraft at BlizzCon in October

The Rumour: With a fourth unannounced Blizzard game confirmed, rumours suggest a Starcraft MMO to be announced at Blizzcon in October 2008.

Verdict: In a video interview here with executive VP Rob Pardo, the Blizzard chief confirmed that a fourth unannounced game was in development and that it has nothing to do with Diablo or a World of Warcraft expansion. Attention has now focused on what that game will be. While a new IP could be planned, a Starcraft MMO is currently rumoured to be hot favourite. And it's looking like a safe bet that BlizzCon this October will be the venue for the reveal.

Plausibility rating: 4/5

Microsoft games

Microsoft will cut the US price of the Xbox 360 on July 6

The Rumour: Retailer sources reveal move to make 360 $100 cheaper than PS3.

Verdict: According to hollywoodreporter.com MS will cut the price of the 20GB Pro model by $50, bringing it down to $299. Adding credibility to that report is this from Engadget, which shows a retailer image of a $299 20GB Pro Xbox 360. We reckon this one's a dead cert, given that the US didn't enjoy a price cut when us Brits got one on March 14. Unfortunately this probably means we won't get a price cut this time around either.

Plausibility rating: 5/5

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