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Movies and TV coming to PS3

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The Rumour: Downloadable TV shows and full-length movies will be available on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3 this summer.

Verdict: Sony isn't likely to sit back and let Microsoft mop up the downloadable content market. According to the LA Times Sony will offer premium content video this summer, and it makes perfect sense. While Sony is pushing Blu-ray hard as a point of difference to the Xbox 360, the PS3 currently doesn't have an option for the rental market - presumably what the download service would offer.

Plausibility rating: 4/5

Gears characters in UT3 Xbox 360

The Rumour Some of your favourite Gears of War characters will be playable in the upcoming Unreal Tournament 3 for Xbox 360, including lead man Marcus Fenix and a Locust soldier.

Verdict: Epic Games vp Mark Rein told us that Unreal Tournament 3 for the Xbox 360 would include a Gears of War surprise, so that's one half of the story already confirmed to be true. What the surprise will be remains a mystery, but playable Gears of War characters make sense. Gears of War publisher Microsoft is certain to want to keep any major bonuses for its own releases, but some playable characters would help promote the game and increase sales of UT3.

Plausibility rating: 3/5

Infinity Ward takes over Call of Duty

Rumour:After this year's Call of Duty 5, in development at Treyarch (developer of Call of Duty 3), all future CoD titles will be developed by Infinity Ward, developer of CoD, CoD2 and CoD4.

Verdict: Infinity Ward is owned by Activision, so the decision to allow one studio to be solely responsible for all games in the Call of Duty series seems slightly odd. Even if Call of Duty 5 ends up being inferior to Call of Duty 4 (as 3 was to 2), it'll surely sell millions of copies and be highly entertaining in its own right. If Infinity Ward handles the property exclusively, chances are we'll only see one Call of Duty game ever two years.

Plausibility rating: 3/5

Banjo-Kazooie 360 info coming May 13


The Rumour: The lid is ready to be blown off Rare's highly secretive Banjo Kazooie title for the Xbox 360. Video game journalists across the globe have reported that they've seen the game in action and all will be revealed on May 13.

Verdict: There have been endless rumours about the next Banjo-Kazooie game, but this one seems to be true. We've heard that the May 13 date is indeed accurate, although we can't say for sure what will be revealed. What is for certain is that it'll be a hell of a lot more than what we currently have, which is pretty much limited to the official website.

Plausibility rating: 5/5

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