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Beyond Good & Evil 2 in development

Beyond good & Evil

The Rumour: Final Fantasy designer Yoshitaka Amano has joined Ubisoft and will be working on Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Verdict: It's a title fans have been crying out for and we'd certainly love to see a sequel, but Ubisoft hasn't so much as hinted that a sequel to its 2003 action adventure title is coming. Despite almost unanimous critical praise the game wasn't a commercial success and with so many blockbuster franchises in the Ubisoft locker it would be a risk to choose this over a new game in a franchise with a stronger fan base.

Plausibility rating: 2/5

Siren 3 announcement 7am GMT on Friday, April 18

The Rumour A mysterious Sony Computer Entertainment Japan flash countdown has been spotted, with the most likely game thought to be Siren 3. The countdown appears over what looks like a pool of blood and a static-ridden audio file also plays.

Verdict: We're pretty confident that the game is a survival horror and this points heavily towards SCEJ's Siren franchise. Below is what we've managed to pick up after several focused listens.

"That don't look right, what is that? Did you see that just now? Who are these people?

"Damn, that's some fu$!ed up sh$t"

"Sh$t, we've got to do something"

Plausibility rating: 4/5

BioShock and Assassin's Creed to be made into movies

Rumour:Variety video games reporter Ben Fritz has suggested Hollywood is looking at both BioShock and Assassin's Creed as potential properties which could be translated into motion pictures.

Verdict: Both games have achieved strong commercial success and, rather unusually for video games, sport pretty excellent stories. We always wince whenever a new video game movie is announced, but we'd be pretty pleased if either of these projects gets the green light. However, other than Fritz's word that Hollywood studios are interested in the two games, there's nothing which adds any weight to the rumour.

Plausibility rating: 2/5

Prizefighter coming to PS3

The Rumour: Currently Prizefighter is scheduled to arrive on Xbox 360 in the spring, with DS and Wii versions coming in September. Although no PlayStation 3 version has been announced, we've heard that it's coming at some point.

Verdict: The question here isn't really whether Prizefighter will be released on the PlayStation 3 but if it'll be the game Xbox 360 owners are getting this spring. 2K will likely want to build a franchise out of Prizefighter, so it could be a sequel or an enhanced port that ends up on Sony's console.

Plausibility rating: 4/5

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