Tom Orry, Editor - Fight Night Round 4, Xbox 360, PS3

I've been excited for Fight Night Round 4 for some time, so it was great to finally get my hands on the final review version this week. I'm not exactly a big boxing fan these days (since every big match went pay per view I've lost interest somewhat), but there's still something hugely satisfying about landing a knockout punch to the chin after deftly dodging a deadly haymaker. It obviously helps that EA's latest entry in the series is drop dead gorgeous, with some of the best character models and animation I've ever seen. I'll warn you though: while the total punch control is brilliant, it doesn't half make for some sore thumbs. A five hour session on Monday left my left thumb rather red.

Wesley 'Cry Baby' Yin-Poole, deputy editor - The King of Fighters XII, Xbox 360

Okay. Very funny. I see what you did there James. Last week, I told the great community that I hadn't been able to play a single game as a result of my wrist injury, and you put a picture of a crying baby next to my name. Very funny. Ha ha... he... ho. Well I'm sure you'll all be glad to know that my wrist is on the mend. It's not 100 per cent, but I have been able to play a preview build of upcoming SNK Playmore fighter The King of Fighters XII this week. You'll get more details from my hands-on preview, but something I didn't mention was a little discussion we've had in the office about the new art style. I reckon it's fluid as a result of the hand-drawn animations, James reckons the animation doesn't have enough frames. What do you think readers?

James Orry, News Editor - Street Fighter IV, Xbox 360, PS3

In preparation for the first VG Staff vs VGers I've been putting in literally minutes of practice at Street Fighter IV. Fearing a beating I've decided to spend tonight (Friday) sat with controller in hand brushing up on my stick twiddling. I've not actually played a game (other than Football Manager Live) in about 10 years so it'll be quite a refreshing experience; I just hope my thumbs are up to it. Forumites be warned. The last time I took a game seriously I ended up getting prettyyyy, prettyyyy, prettyyyy good. I don't recall what the game was, but ask anyone and they'll tell you that I shouldn't be taken seriously... erm hang on, that's not right.

Sebastian Ford, Video Producer - Transformers, Xbox 360, PS3

I was hoping to get my hands on this game a little earlier on in the week than Friday afternoon, but better late than never. The first thing you can't fail to notice is that the menus are somewhat terrible. We're talking the kind of thing you would see on a bedroom-coded flash game. The gameplay is filled with potential, but let down time after time with annoying bugs and quirks that frankly should have been ironed out in testing. Playing as Ironhide, I got jammed between some crates while in vehicle mode. I should have been able to reverse out, but because there wasn't enough space for me to transform back to normal, and the fact that vehicle mode demands that you continually move forwards, there was simply no way for me to escape and I had to replay the entire level after my convoy had been completely atomised. Challenges come in the form of wave upon wave of fodderbots that had me physically tearing my hair out. I'm not even making that up - there's a pile of it on my desk. The good and bad storylines are basically the same except you have Optimus Prime or Starscream reminding you that you have Autobots/Decepticons inbound... again. It's a real shame because the Transformers look awesome and the transforming and fighting is actually really enjoyable and quite thrilling at times. This in itself is let down by the fact that as soon as you transform into a vehicle you will instantly run into something. Sometimes, for no reason at all, you will transform in the wrong direction leaving you charging away from the action at full pelt. Let me save you some time right now; if you absolutely love Transformers then this game will offer some entertainment. For anyone else, save your precious coins for something else. Your hair and scalp with thank you for it.

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