Tom Orry, Editor - Boom Blox: Bash Party, Wii

If only every Wii game was as much fun as Boom Blox. It doesn't seem as though EA's block toppling sequel is setting tills on fire, but it's a huge amount of fun. I've been on a bit of a Wii binge this week, but Bash Party is by far the best of the bunch and a game I'd recommend to anyone looking for something that will appeal to everyone. SEGA's Let's Tap might win on the novelty stakes, but EA's game is packed full with content, makes great use of the motion control technology and is so easy to play that there's more or less no barrier to entry. The first game was one of the best Wii titles of 2008 and EA's repeated the feat this year.


Wesley Yin-Poole, deputy editor - Nothing Plays (and Pro-G Plays before it) has been our longest-running feature. In the nearly two years since it began (on October 5 2007), I've never failed to mention a game. This week, all that changed. Blame Tom. It was his Tuesday lunchtime football session shot that smashed my left wrist to smithereens, resulting in broken bones, split skin and torn tendons. I've had to type one handed all week. Even worse, I can't do Zangief's Spinning Piledriver (my left thumb is inoperable). So, here we are. This week, I have nothing to report. Nothing. Nada. Zlich. Zero. Hopefully normal service will be resumed next week, but don't count on it - the doctors have told me to mentally prepare for an amputation, you know, just in case.

James Orry, News Editor - Football Manager Live, PC

Cries were heard as far away as the next room this week when Juicy Danglers starlet, Maxime Lemaire was stretchered off after suffering a career threatening broken leg. Two weeks, two weeks sidelined was the painful verdict delivered by the club's trembling chief quack. To make matters worse my first choice right back also picked up an injury keeping him out for five days. Two weeks for a broken leg, that's not all that bad I hear you say, but in FM Live a season runs for only three weeks. Lemaire's injury has left my Premiership status in jeopardy and cost the Danglers U21s a shot at a third successive AE U21 league title. It's only a game, but I'll say this; Mohamed Foulouh of Bay Harbour Butchers, remember to lock your doors at night.

Sebastian Ford, Video Producer - Peggle, XBLA, PC, iPhone

I had just finished watching an episode of That 70's Show and just didn't quite feel like I could go to bed yet. A quick flick through my XBLA games brings up Peggle again - and I dive straight in. I completed the adventure mode long ago, but I still have a bunch of challenges left and it was these I was aiming to dent for about 10 - 15 minutes before I hit the hay. Let me tell you now; 10 - 15 minutes of gameplay cannot quench Peggle-thirst (this is a real thing). Accept the fact that if you sit down in front of this game you should be prepared to lose one, two, maybe even three hours of your life in a colourful blink of an eye, all set to the glorious sounds of Beethoven's Ode to Joy. So with stinging eyes and a belly full of beer I finally rest my head in the early hours, knowing I was about seven steps closer to being Peggle Grand Master.

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