Tom Orry, Editor - Plants vs Zombies, PC

I can't say I've ever been a huge fan of tower defence games. I've dabbled with many Flash games and had some fun with Q-Games' Pixel Junk Monsters, but Plants vs Zombies got me hooked in a way few games released this year have managed. A combination of fast-paced on your feet thinking gameplay and superb art-style make it almost impossible to resist. Hopefully PopCap Games will somehow bring the game to portable devices in the near future, ideally the DS or iPhone, although their smaller screens might cause some problems given the number of grid spaces that need to be visible. Don't wait for those seemingly inevitable ports though; buy a copy of the PC version now.

Wesley Yin-Poole, Deputy Editor - Prototype, Xbox 360

I'm not allowed to talk about my recent hands-on time with Radical's urban open world super hero game until next week, but I can talk about the game in general... I think... hopefully. Prototype's problem hasn't got anything to do with the game itself, but with other games. Sucker Punch's inFamous, due out at the end of the month, is an urban open world super hero game. Probably, by virtue of it being a PS3-exclusive, there's more interest in Sony's game online. But the real threat to Prototype's success comes from the fact that it's out after inFamous. Is this town big enough for the both of them? We'll see soon enough.

James Orry, News Editor - Football Manager Live, PC

We've been in the close season for much of the last week so there's very little to report. The seniors managed to scrape their way into the UFFA Gold Cup - the Champions League of FM Live - and while this feels like I've accidentally got into the deep end at the local swimming pool, it's a great chance to boost the Juicy Danglers' reputation in the game world, which in turn should lead to a higher club income. Besides playing a few friendly matches to ensure players remain fit and match ready, I've also dabbled a little in the transfer market, signing two very promising youth defenders. Sadly a few youths which haven't cut it have been released from their professional contracts with the club. With the new season now up and running, expect more in the way of actual match reports next week.

Neon Kelly, Previews Editor - UFC 2009 Undisputed, Xbox 360 and PS3

Mango Farley looks like a cross between Errol Flynn and James Mavoy. He's got big hair, a devilish little tash, and a deep love for kicking people in the head until they stop moving. I've grown quite attached to Mango over this past week, cheering him on in victory and comforting him in defeat. He's currently got a record of 22 wins and 7 losses - but it was the latter that has given him his real strengths. In UFC Undisputed you learn from your mistakes, and Mango is now one battle-hardened broseph. A little more training, and I'll be taking him out to play on Xbox Live. See you in The Octagon, suckers!

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