Tom Orry, Editor - Red Faction: Guerrilla, Xbox 360 and PS3

Messing about in open world video games has always been great fun, but THQ's upcoming Red Faction: Guerrilla might just be the best game yet if you simply want to cause mayhem. From the off you're given remote charges that you can lob onto buildings, before detonating and watching the carnage unfold. There's just something undeniably brilliant about seeing a massive tower fall inches from your face, and you can't help but stand close to it. It's just something we're not used to seeing in video games. I've really only touched the surface of the game too, so who knows what massive structures I'll come across later on.

Wesley Yin-Poole, Deputy Editor - Fallout 3, Xbox 360

Blasting my way through the recently released Broken Steel DLC for review reminded me just how amazing a game Fallout 3 really is. It also made me think that, actually, it should have figured higher than sixth in our Top 10 Games of 2008 list. The problem we encountered when ordering the list was that not everyone on the editorial team had played every game on it to completion. So, the opinion I had of Fallout 3 at the back end of last year, isn't the one I have now. Now, having pumped over 100 hours into its incredibly post-apocalyptic, retro-futuristic Washington DC, I reckon I should have pushed harder. But that's what you get when every game publisher decides to release its best games in October: there just aren't enough hours in the day for everyone to play them.

Neon Kelly, Previews Editor - Virtua Tennis 2009, Wii

As I said in my preview, Virtua Tennis and Wii MotionPlus is a match made in heaven. The new motion controls are firm and organic, like a prize winning carrot; the correspondence between your movement and the on-screen reaction may still not quite be 1:1, but it's pretty darn close. It also seems as if SEGA is treating this game with the traditional Virtua care and attention to detail, and for once Nintendo's console will be getting all the features of the PS3 and 360 versions. The bottom line, however, is that Virtua Tennis with MotionPlus is sheer buttery pleasure. If you thought that the Wii was fun before, wait till you try this...

Sebastian Ford, Video Producer - Oblivion, Xbox 360, PC and PS3

Perhaps it's just me, but more and more frequently I'm finding that the game fails to give you enough information about what to do next. Many times I have been walking in circles trying to find that one item needed to force the story into progression. One example of this can be found in the main quest. You are trying to decipher some clues in a stack of books with the help of someone in the Mage's Guild, and told to leave it with her to work on. If, at this time, you chose to go off and do another quest, you are given no direction whatsoever when you try and pick the main one back up again. Fortunately I have so many other missions left that it's not much of a worry. As for the thieves' guild, I'm slacking it off for the time being, it demands a level of patience that I'm just not prepared to give right now. If I can't go there, kill some people, rob them blind, and then get paid for it, then I'm generally not that interested.

James Orry, News Editor - Football Manager Live, PC

It's been what I consider a breakthrough year for the Juicy Danglers. After a return to the AE Premiership, a fourth place finish can only be viewed as a great achievement. But for throwing away points in the final few games we could have finished second. The seniors also made it to the semi finals of the AEFA Premiere Challenge Cup and the All Evening Cup. There's also much to celebrate in the youth ranks, with Lemaire and co clinching the AE U21 league title for the first time. They also won the St. John U19 League, while the even younger Danglers managed a respectable third in the AE U18s League. Overall the squad is now much stronger than the end of last season and it seems a realistic target to aim for a Top 2 finish in the coming season.

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