Tom Orry, Editor - Football Manager 2016, PC

I'm now the Derby manager. That's not a statement that fills me with joy or something I particularly want to be doing, but that's the way things go in the crazy world of Football Manager. I got the job with only a handful of games remaining, won my first to be safe from relegation and then began the big transformation - or, I would have had the club not being so strapped for cash I couldn't afford to sign a teenager for £50k.

Derby has a good squad, with a couple of players getting interest from big Premier League clubs, so I'm confident good things can happen. I just hope the promises I've made in order to keep these players doesn't come back to bite me.

Steve Burns, Deputy Editor - Dark Souls 3

Listen. LISTEN. I've played Dark Souls 3, and I've got to say I'm maybe a little less excited for it than I was before I saw it. Which isn't to say that it's bad, or anything. Just very familiar. Very, very familiar. Now, I said this on video and the reaction from some was vociferous. 'Wah, this doesn't look like Bloodborne, you're making it up'. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. We did a video and put them side by side and they look VERY SIMILAR. STOP BEING SUCH A FANBOY. GET A GRIP.

Ahem. Look. It's going to be fine. Just relax. You look nice today. Maybe. Well, better than usual. Why not, eh?

Alice Bell, Junior Staff Writer - Pokemon Red, 3DS

Pokemon 2DS

In the lull before The Division actually comes out, I only went and got one of them re-released pokemon games, didn't I? I got Red, because that's the one I had when I was nine. I haven't actually got very far yet: as is my general approach to any kind of game where you level, I'm massively over levelling for the area, so it's a huge grind to start with but then I can skip through the next few gyms quite easily. Currently decimating the local Pidgey population around Pallet town to incrementally level my Rattata up to match Bulbasaur. Yes, I picked Bulbasaur. Fuck you.

It's just like playing any other game you loved from your childhood: not as good as you remember. To be fair I'm not trying that hard to recapture the magic. I haven't even given my pokemon nicknames. But then neither did Ash. Anyway, am looking forwards to Sun/Moon. Think I'll probably go with Moon. I got Alpha Sapphire and X, so Moon seems to run well from those, thematically speaking. I hope you can still do the thing where you buy skinny jeans for your trainer.