Tom Orry, Editor - Resident Evil 5, Xbox 360

After being impressed, but not blown away by the brief Resident Evil 5 demo we were lucky enough to get hold of the first three chapters of the full game, and thankfully I'm now looking forward the final release a whole lot more. The opening isn't nearly as atmospheric as the village in Resi 4, and there's a definite increase in light (which does make the game feel less survival horror and more third-person shooter), but it's still got that special something that makes Resident Evil great. There have already been some OMG moments and the visuals here often rival the best we've seen. If it wasn't for the fact that certain objects are cemented in place (especially hanging things), giving the game's environment a semi pre-rendered feel, I reckon we could be talking about this in the same breath as Killzone 2.

James Orry, News Editor - Football Manager Live, PC

A series of great results has seen my Juicy Danglers storm up the league table, climbing from 11th last weekend to a very respectable 3rd. I'll have to go for sometime without my dependable central defender Milan Dudic though, after he received a shocking ten match ban following what was described as an "appalling act" of violence against another player. My view of the incident was obstructed so I can't comment any further. I am attempting to appeal though, although not knowing who to appeal to could hamper my chances of success. I've also made it to the final 12 of the AEFA Bragging Rights Competition, but got knocked out in the quarter final stages of the AEFA All Evening Cup.

Sebastian Ford, Video Producer - Little Big Planet, PS3

Over the weekend I travelled back up to my old University in Stafford to visit some friends, and remember what it was like to live the most carefree lifestyle in the world. This included a substantial amount of multiplayer LittleBigPlanet, and I am happy to report that my love for the game has done nothing but grow. We spent the whole weekend perusing a number of the newer user created levels - particularly the more tricky options, pausing only for an intense game of Peggle. If you don't know what that is, then I suggest you find out. And clear your schedule. It's coming to XBLA at some point soon (unless it's been canned) so you'll have no excuse not to play it.

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