Tom Orry, Editor - Sonic Unleashed, Xbox 360 and Wii

I really don't know why I get excited about new Sonic games. Pretty much every game in the series since Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast has been extremely disappointing, yet I can't help but think that the next one is going to be good. I even managed to have some hope for SEGA's latest, Sonic Unleashed, despite the fact that Sonic Team had decided to make Sonic turn into a werehog at night. The intro to Unleashed demonstrates exactly what I think people really want from a modern Sonic title: stunning visuals, insane speed and plenty of action. In parts the new game manages to pull this off, but that damn werehog just had to ruin the party.

Wesley Yin-Poole, Deputy Editor - Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Xbox 360

What else? It feels like I've been waiting for Capcom to release this game all my life, and in many ways I have. Ever since online gaming went mass market I've dreamed of playing Street Fighter II, my favourite game of all time, lag free against people all over the world. This week, this Wednesday, more specifically, this dream became a reality, and that's because an online match feels just as smooth as a local one. Of course you run into the odd game with teleportation, that's inevitable, but it's consigned to one in ten matches. This magical net code has provided, for me, gaming nirvana. I've been up well past midnight since the game's release, bloodshot eyes darting and blistered thumbs pumping combo after combo after combo into ranked match after ranked match after ranked match, winning around twice as many games as I lose, which I reckon is a respectable record. The beta felt like it dragged on for ages. I'm delighted it did. Scratch that. I'm absolutely delirious.

James Orry, News Editor - You're in the Movies, Xbox 360

If there's one game I'm convinced will go down a storm this Christmas with the family, it's You're in the Movies. Yes, the Xbox LIVE Vision camera doesn't provide the best quality. Yes, the movie trailers created using your insane mini-game antics do look cheap and tacky. But I think all this just adds to the experience. We had the game on in the office, myself, Wez, Neon and Seb taking the lead roles and I'll admit that the mini-games were basic, but seeing my expressionless face along with Neon's overacting in the trailer for B-movie horror 'Cold Blooded' did raise a smile and perhaps a small chuckle from all those gathered for the premiere. It should certainly prove more entertaining than being forced to listen to my mum screech her way through Duffy's 'Mercy' - must remember to forget to take Lips home for Xmas.

Neon Kelly, Previews Editor - You're In The Movies, Xbox 360

It's been a bit of an odd week for me: I've had plenty to do, but I've not gotten around to playing many games - a crying shame, given how many great ones are about. A late contender for my favourite moment of the week arrived on Friday afternoon, when I watched Wez attempt to eat a Wii Remote after botching some rock-hard heart surgery on Trauma Centre: New Blood. That aside, I also enjoyed our team effort on You're In The Movies. As our review said, the game itself is pretty patchy - but there's still plenty of pleasure to be had from messing around when you're supposed to be miming out the game's actions. If you find yourself playing with the family on Boxing Day, I highly recommend that you moon the camera and grope your fellow players at every opportunity. If you do this enough your final "film" will resemble a particularly artful Eurotrash masterpiece. Okay, so it probably won't - but you'll probably have some fun, all the same.