Welcome to VideoGamer.com Plays, our weekly feature where we give you the inside track on what's been whirring in our disc drives this week. We'll be honest (so if we've been playing Superman on the N64 we'll tell you). But if we've been hammering the latest billion-selling blockbuster we'll let you know about that too.

Tom Orry, Editor - Alone in the Dark, Xbox 360.

I was extremely excited about Alone in the Dark after I saw a tech demo at Games Convention last year. To summarise, it looked incredible. The fire effects seemed to open up plenty of gameplay opportunities and the inventory system was unique in its design. At the moment I'm only part way through the game's second chapter, but sadly already the problems shine brighter than all the real-time lighting effects in the game combined. The camera and player movement just feels completely wrong at this stage. I'm hoping some clever puzzles will turn things around, but it's looking like a massive missed opportunity.

Wesley Yin-Poole, Deputy Editor - Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, PSP.

There are times when gaming warms my cockles and fills my heart with sunshine. One of those times was this week in the office, when I got chatting with VideoGamer.com mastermind Adam about Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation. I was in the middle of writing my Crisis Core review, and as a result, had all things materia floating about my head. We talked about Chocobos, summons, Limit Breaks and everything else that makes Square's classic RPG so memorable. Will I be looking back on Crisis Core in 10 years with similar affection? Who knows. But I know one thing: it's bloody great. This game is the ultimate commute killer.

James Orry, News Editor - Top Spin 3, Xbox 360.

Wimbledon stats on Monday, a fortnight in which Britain's only hope - Andy Murray - is sure to go crashing out before the final after getting us all excited. That's all part of the fun though. This week though I've been having plenty of fun with 2K Sports' Top Spin 3, which in my book is the most impressive Tennis simulation ever released. You can't simply jump in and begin playing like you're Federer or Nadal. You'll spend your first 30 minutes running around like a fool watching the ball go flying by. This isn't an arcade game with forgiving gameplay - if you're not in the correct position to play the ball it's going to end in disaster. But sure enough, after some dedicated practice I picked it up and was no longer an embarrassment. A quick game with Tom quickly put me in my place though. He's had the game on most the week and wiped the floor with me. I just wish I could get my £5 back.

Nick Peres, Video Producer - Flight Simulator X, PC.

Ok I'm back to piloting planes. I've also been playing Flight Sim X. Damn I wish I had the new Saitek flight yoke and quadrant, then my life would be complete. Anyway, I have made a bit of a return to this thanks to the fantastic fan base who regularly post new plane models and liveries (skins) onto dedicated websites. Now that I have tripled my airplane catalogue I'm having nautical miles of fun flying in everything from a Ryanair 737 (don't worry, I make sure it's a rubbish service) all the way to a Pelican from Halo. I even tried playing it online again and managed to get tangled in an incident on a server that's probably going to have me banned... So there I am, on the ground in a sizable vessel as communications between one fellow player in trouble and the tower begins.

" Tower, I have an engine out"

" Right. Are you calling a may day?"

"Yes, may day, engine failure"

"Is it serious? You can land with just one you know?"

"Well I've only got one so..."

"Yep, ok, all aircraft get off the runway"

"Tower, advanced warning, I'm dropping like a fly and there's still a 747 on the runway"

"Urr 747-400, please taxi off the runway at nearest exit"


"747-400, you need to taxi off"

"He's taking off now, going to have to land on grass......TW*T!"

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