Welcome to VideoGamer.com Plays, our weekly feature where we give you the inside track on what's been whirring in our disc drives this week. We'll be honest (so if we've been playing Superman on the N64 we'll tell you). But if we've been hammering the latest billion-selling blockbuster we'll let you know about that too.

Tom Orry, Editor, GTA 4, Xbox 360

The world has been gripped by GTA 4 fever - well, the world according to my Xbox LIVE friends list. Not since Halo 3 has 95% of my list been playing the same game, and it's not surprising. The GTA 4 haters have already come out in force, claiming Rockstar has ruined what made previous GTAs fun, but for me it's unquestionably the best game I've played on the current generation consoles. After storming through the story last week I'm currently using the recently released GTA 4 cheats to cause havoc in Liberty City. One of the things I love is how grenades roll under cars. It's a small thing, but so often in games they'll just rest next to them. GTA 4 is all about the small details and the big explosions. And the best part of all is that you can do all that online with friends.

Wesley Yin-Poole, deputy editor, Soul Bubbles, DS

This week I hopped on the train to Eidos' Wimbledon HQ to get some hands-on time with upcoming DS puzzler Soul Bubbles. You might not have heard of it, but you soon will. At its core it's incredibly simple - you need to get seven souls from the beginning of the level to the end by wrapping them in a bubble and blowing it about. But it gets a lot more complicated. You can cut, inflate and deflate the bubbles as you blow it about, and there are plenty of enemies and secret areas to explore. But the best thing about the game is the way the bubble reacts to your commands. The physics really are impressive. Look out for my hands-on preview soon, but for now I'll say that Soul Bubbles could be the DS' answer to the PSP's fabulous LocoRoco.

James Orry, News Editor, GTA 4, Xbox 360

Having sat and watched both Tom and the guys from the video department playing GTA 4 I was raring to get my hands on a controller and finally, on Thursday, I did. I didn't have time to begin the game's single-player story so entered straight into the online Free Mode to drive around Liberty City with a mate and see what mad stuff we could do. Having messed around for several hours and evaded numerous police chases I came across a fire engine and discovered that with its tires blown it became the ultimate weapon of destruction, uncontrollably obliterating cars, pedestrians, cops and my mate. The hugely powerful beast would swing around and use its entire length to send everything else flying - great fun. Sadly after five minutes and lots of bullet holes my fire engine caught on fire. I bailed but was too late to escape the explosion. If only there had been a fire engine around to put me out.