Tom Orry, Editor - Ridge Racer 3DS, 3DS

I'll admit that I haven't touched this since I finished my review, but it's still the most fun I've had with the 3DS thus far. I expect future racers on the handheld to look far better, but this has the classic Ridge Racer powersliding gameplay fans of the series love. It has some neat 3D too, although this is only really apparent when you play from the bonnet cam. It's not nearly a striking enough effect to make me wax lyrical about how amazing the 3DS is, but it certainly adds depth and gives the fairly mediocre visuals a lift. From reading various opinions on the internet it seems this game is one of the worst for causing headaches due to eye strain, but I've suffered no problems whatsoever. If you've got a 3DS you should buy Ridge Racer 3D.

Neon Kelly, Deputy Editor - Mortal Kombat, PS3, Xbox 360.

Mortal Kombat is back, and it's as ridiculous as ever. I say that as a kompliment: rather than being a serious kompetitor to Street Fighter, the MK games were always happier to focus on bloody chuckles and spine-ripping spectacle. Despite klear efforts to up the komplexity of the fighting engine, sadistic showmanship is still the main draw. The new X-Ray moves are particularly entertaining, allowing for CSI-like detail as you smash your opponents' teeth in, krack their ribs, and make them puke all over your leg. I kan't say that it's particularly big or klever, but then it's not supposed to be. This is a game where you kan punch your opponent in the krotch, then finish the round by uppercutting their head off. I'll buy that for a dollar (or several, as the price will likely be).

Martin Gaston, Staff Writer - Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Xbox 360, PS3, PC

You know what reviewers of Hot Pursuit missed out? This noise: "HUURRRFFFFNNFF," which is usually followed by this nose: "JEEEEEEFUUUOOOSH." I can't even begin to count the amount of times I've spent minutes in front and then finished second because of some traffic clipping, or my fingers turning to jelly and fluffing a powerslide around the last corner. The compounded frustration of all this anguish has forced me into some kind of freaky Neanderthal state. Sure, the game looks phenomenal and when Benny Benassi feat. Gary Go - Cinema pops up while I'm acing a time trial I hit transcendental moments of pure undiluted bliss, but I still can't quite work out if it's worth all the frustration. I also can't seem to figure out how to perform perfect drifts, but that's probably a story for another day.

Emily Gera, Staff Writer - Mass Effect 2, Xbox 360

Last week I promised I'd be back with an update on Rift but I'm a liar and started playing Mass Effect 2 again instead - I'll get back to it this weekend as apparently they've already churned out a major patch that I ought to check out. I spent most of my week trying to squeeze as many achievements out of ME2 as I could, while testing the water with a female Commander Shepard. Ladyparts Shepard is a cruel commander with the face of a young Tara Reid and bodily scars like a present-day Tara Reid. Last time around I played as the standard male Shepard and went the goody two-shoes approach of trying to keep everyone happy, although I'm still not quite sure whether playing someone a bit more morally corrupt will effect the story that dramatically. Fantastic game but honestly, what is the purpose of flirting with Kelly?