Tom Orry, Editor - Pilotwings Resort, 3DS

This is the first proper 3DS game I've played and the 3D is definitely a mixed bag. On one hand it can look really good, but for some reason the backgrounds in the game can be incredibly hard to focus on. Sadly it's also a game you could finish in a day if you're not bothered about 3-starring every mission. I do like the flying squirrel suit, though, and it's a huge missed opportunity that it's not used more in the game. So, 3DS first impressions aren't brilliant but aren't terrible either. Definitely room for improvement. Next up, PES 2011 3D.

Martin Gaston, Staff Writer - Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, Xbox 360 and PS3

I've been partyin', partyin' (Yeah!) more in Homefront than anything else this Friday - including sessions where I start at 7am (waking up in the morning, gotta be fresh) - but if I have to write another word about that particular title I'm probably going to have a breakdown and run around the streets of Croydon completely naked. But I've also been cruisin' so fast around Undead Nightmare, which isn't really a radical departure from the normal Red Dead campaign outside of its schlocky, B-movie tone; it's more like kickin' in the front seat compared to the sittin' in the back seat. Which seat do I choose? Both.

Jamin Smith, Staff Writer - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

After taking a quick break from the world of Assassin's Creed to complete Dead Space 2, I've jumped straight back into things with Brotherhood. We so excited. I've been taking the main missions slowly, making sure to do everything physically possible before advancing the story. I'm on chapter eight now, and have burnt down all the Borgia towers, destroyed all of Da Vinci's war machines, trained an Assassin to level 10 and bought every damn shop in Rome. Time permitting, I'll wrap up the game on Saturday. Sunday comes afterwards.

Emily Gera, Staff Writer - Torchlight, Xbox 360

In my continuing quest to stay away from MMORPGs I've started playing anything that even faintly takes place in an RPG setting like some kind of makeshift methadone. So guess who played Torchlight on XBLA this week! It has skeletons and jungle ruins, combining two of my favourite things in one place. It's a shame that all my effort will be wasted when I start playing Rift this weekend, that recent MMO that supposedly isn't dreadful. Ah well, my heart was in the right place.