Welcome to VideoGamer.com Plays, our weekly feature where we give you the inside track on what's been whirring in our disc drives this week. We'll be honest (so if we've been playing Superman on the N64 we'll tell you). But if we've been hammering the latest billion-selling blockbuster we'll let you know about that too.

Tom Orry, Editor - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, PS3

As I said in my review, Prologue is a great driving game, and well worth picking up, but I can't help but be bitterly disappointed by the online functionality. You can only get away with so much under the 'budget' release label and lack of basic online options isn't one of those things, especially when it's been touted as one of the game's biggest selling points. GT5 Prologue has tempted some of my friends to pick up a PS3, such is the pulling power of the Gran Turismo brand, but if we want to race online together, we can't. You can't even browse a list of available races and all hop into the same one, meaning playing with friends will require the game to randomly match you up. The driving in Prologue is great, but the online functionality is terrible.

Wesley Yin-Poole, Deputy Editor - Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War Soulstorm, PC

This week I've been all over Dawn of War Soulstorm, the final expansion in Relic's brilliant Warhammer 40,000 RTS series. We already know Dawn of War 2 is in the works, but that won't stop me hammering hour after hour into what amounts to a three-and-a-half year old PC game. I'm getting better and better with the "glass cannon" Dark Eldar. They pack one hell of a punch, but they drop like flies. I'm all about the rush - so if you see me online, you better be ready for my Mandrakes early. Only problem is, if I don't kill you before tier two or three, I'll probably be the one biting the dust. Fun fun fun.

James Orry, News Editor - Bomberman Land, Wii

Visiting my family over the Easter weekend it was the perfect time to try out some of the casual games that have become so popular recently. Having received a Wii for Xmas my much younger sister and parents have been playing more games of late, but they still fall firmly in the "have no clue" category of gamers. It came as quite a shock then that they all took to Bomberman Land on the Wii like ducks to water. Forget casual titles like Wii Sports, Mario & Sonic and Buzz!, I've not seen my family so hyped-up about a game since... erm, never. I couldn't let them win of course, but did once succumb to a bomb chain somewhat fortunately planted by my mum.

Simon Hunter, Associate Video Producer - Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Xbox 360

OK, listen up! Your mission is this - go out, buy Rainbow Six Vegas 2, grab a USB camera if you don't already own one, map your face into the game and laugh hysterically at the results. I really couldn't get my head around just how good some of the results from this thing have been. Unfortunately the head model that your picture is mapped to is of a bald guy - so my afro head didn't look quite right. But the game more than makes up for this by naturally making all custom character heads look somewhat like monkeys. It's like looking in the mirror and seeing a slightly more attractive version of me.