Tom Orry, Editor - LittleBigPlanet 2, PS3

After various problems with our LBP2 review code, I finally managed to sample some of the user-created content earlier in the week. Having tried to make a level myself it's really quite amazing to see what people are capable of, as for me even trying to make a ramp with a car on it proved too difficult. There will no doubt be more than a fair share of tripe uploaded to the community, but even if one quality new level is added every week there's going to be something to play for a very long time. If only I could turn on my PS3 and check out the latest uploads without having my disc in the drive, I'd be able to sample some levels while waiting to put on a Blu-ray.

Neon Kelly, Deputy Editor Marvel vs Capcom 3, PS3, Xbox 360

I've always had a bit of a rocky relationship with Chris Redfield. Being the heretic I am, my first experience of the Resident Evil series was Resi 2, and so I've always had more of a preference for Leon S. Kennedy and his floppy hair. All the same, it's great fun playing as Chris in MvC3 - especially when he uses a high-calibre handgun to murder The Incredible Hulk. He's as cheap as a bottle of Poundland shampoo - and about as classy, too - but I find I'm developing a fondness for the heroic lunk. In other news, I managed to extend my unbeaten run against Martin this week, even though I was totally glugged up on booze at the time. It won't last, so I'll crow while I can.

Martin Gaston, Staff Writer - Dead Rising 2, 360, PS3

This week I have been making my way through Dead Rising 2. 72,000 zombies killed? Check. 1,000 of the walking dead bumped off barehanded? Check. 1,000 zombies killed by motorcycle? Check. Escorted eight survivors at once? Check. Reached level 50? Check. Defeated 10 psychopaths? Obviously. Tamed Snowflake? Check. Discovered the secret combo card? I checked online. Popped two paintings, a hat and a barrel on a zombie? Check. Used smash move on 100 zombies? Check. 50 followers saved? Getting there. Had 10 zombies with masks on at once? Check. Social life? Hang on, I'm sure I left it somewhere...

Coincidentally, if somebody could possibly help me get the Terror Is Reality Achievements then please do get in touch.

Jamin Smith, Staff Writer - Dead Space, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Pro tip: never stop playing a game when you're right near the end, and then expect to be any good at it when you return to it years later. In preparation for Dead Space 2, I put an evening aside this week to try and complete the original, which I stopped playing in 2009 due to university commitments. Re-familiariing myself with the controls didn't take too long, but learning which weapons do what and how best to tackle the terrifying Necromorphs didn't come back so easily. I died on the same checkpoint no less than eight times (best death animations ever, by the way), prompting me to pursue a less frustrating activity that night. I will go back to it, however, and I will complete it before starting the sequel - which is one of my most eagerly anticipated games in quite some time.

Tom Pearson, Video Producer - Dante's Inferno, Xbox 360 and PS3

Sinning is bad; I could have told you that, Dante. Unfortunately, he's got himself into quite a pickle, and not because he was two-timing his wife with some raunchy wench. No, instead he decides to slay the Grim Reaper and refuse the depths of Hell as a punishment. How a mortal can dispatch a God is beyond me. I've killed far too many gods, Kings, and Barons in the last few months, and I'm starting to fear Christianity's future isn't so hot. I'm about an hour into Inferno and I've already kind of lost its story - something about levels of Hell and retrieving some bimbo, not too sure. All I can say is that it feels a bit of a mix between Castlevania, God of War 3 and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. That's not a bad thing, but my senses are telling me I've seen it all before. My primary reasons for playing this stemmed from my fondness for Visceral Games. I love Dead Space, and the soon-to-be-released sequel makes me shake with excitement, so passing the time with another of their bloodstained titles seemed like the obvious choice. Too bad it's just a little bit disappointing.