Tom Orry, Editor - Singularity, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

I'd have bet a large sum of money on this being complete rubbish. The Raven developed time manipulating FPS has essentially been sent to retail to die by Activision, with barely any promotion. It even had to fight for sales against stable mate Transformers: War for Cybertron. Yet, it's surprisingly good, albeit quite dated visually and heavily reliant on set pieces. It reminds me of Half-Life 2 mixed with BioShock, which can't be a bad thing. It's a shame sales are likely to be poor as I'd love to see a sequel given Activision's full financial might.

Neon Kelly, Deputy Editor - New Super Mario Bros. DS

As I mentioned last week, Mr DS is my best friend for getting through long-haul flights (along with his buddy Mr Gin-induced Slumber). Along with CivRev, my game of choice for this year's E3 trip was New Super Mario Bros. With hindsight, it may have been a mistake to dig out the old cart again. While I completed the final castle ages ago, I still have a whole world to unlock and dozens of coins to find - and now I feel suddenly compelled to finish the damn thing properly. I don't have time for this, particularly not when I've remembered that NSMB has an annoying save system and a couple of really gimmicky power-ups. By Nintendo's exemplary standards it's a slight let down, which is to say that it doesn't come close to touching Super Mario World or Super Mario 3. It's still pretty great though, and it's going to take a while for me to kick the habit once more.

Seb Ford, Video Producer - Transformers: War for Cybertron, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Let's face it; the Transformers games of late have been, for lack of a better word, crap. The game worlds have been clumsy and convoluted, often resulting in your character transforming into some insanely quick vehicle, and slamming straight into the nearest wall or building. Perhaps more importantly, they were based upon Michael Bay's ridiculous interpretation of the series - you know, the one with the Decepticon, who was actually good, and used a walking stick, and then made Optimus Prime fly? You get the idea. War for Cybertron takes place on their home world, and it all fits. Picture a third-person Unreal Tournament with transforming robots and you have a reasonable idea of what you're looking at. It's dark and industrial; there aren't any civilians to worry about, and no marines forever barking orders at you. It's just you, a bunch of weapons, and a playground of destruction. Ah-woot-ta-toot!

Jamin Smith, Staff Writer - Robot Unicorn Attack, iPhone

I've been in Morocco the past week, and not wanting to be without some form of interactive entertainment, I carefully packed my DS and a copy of Final Fantasy IV. Bored on the transfer to the hotel, I decided to grind a few levels and start building up some Gil, the trouble was I forgot to charge the damn thing; my DS was dead as a dodo. I was therefore left with just my iPhone, and instead played the fantastic Robot Unicorn Attack all week. If you've not played the colourful side-scrolling flash game before, check it out for free here.If anybody's up to the challenge, my top score is currently 37885 - feel free to beat it and embarrass me in the comments section below.