Tom Orry, Editor - Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Xbox 360 and PS3

It's fair to say that I wasn't blown away by the preview build we received of Ubisoft's latest PoP title, but having invested a few days into the review copy, I'm glad to report that things are looking up. For one, a proper tutorial makes a hell of a difference, and the water manipulation that was nothing more than a gimmick is now coming into its own to provide some amazing platforming sequences. I'm still not sure if it'll better the quite brilliant 2008 game, but who knows what the rest of the game has in store. Check back next week for the full review.

Wesley Yin-Poole, Deputy Editor - Star Wars: The Old Republic, PC

At EA's spring Showcase event I managed to snag some time with what some reckon will be the MMORPG to topple World of Warcraft. I played around with the Bounty Hunter class, firing off missiles and torching enemies with a flamethrower. Functionally, it works like other games in the genre: you pick up quests from NPCs and then set out to complete them. Followers of the game will know that The Old Republic's hook is that it's fully voice acted and you have multiple dialogue options to choose from during conversations. But, despite these cool features, my hands-on was a pretty familiar experience. The game feels like it's been in development for years, so I hoped to see how group questing will work. This is where The Old Republic could genuinely revolutionise the genre, so why hasn't BioWare lifted the lid? Come on guys, the world is waiting.

Neon Kelly, Previews Editor - LittleBigPlanet 2, PS3

We all knew that LittleBigPlanet 2 would happen, even at the end of last year when a Media Molecule employee stated that a sequel would be "counter productive". All the same, it still feels as if LBP2 has come out of nowhere, crashing down upon us like some kind of user-generated asteroid. Or not. At heart it still looks like the same four-player free-for-all (only quite a bit prettier), but this time around there's going to be an insane amount of potential for creative genius. You see, the gist this time is that you can make your own games; that may not sound like that big of a deal, but when you see LBP2 levels that look like kart racers, Bust-a-Move clones and fully-working RTS games, even the most lemon-faced cynics may experience a change of heart.

Sebastian Ford, Video Producer - Skate 3, Xbox 360 and PS3

EA held a pretty nifty launch party earlier this week. We were promised lots of free booze and the chance to win some cool stuff so... of course most of the office got involved. Now, I'm not one to brag but I basically brought my Skate 3 A-game. 'Hall of Meat', the challenge mode I played, is a competition based on injuring your skater. I hope my guy liked hospital food because I broke damn near every bone in his body. For a while I held the highest score of the night, until the final competition, where it was topped by, like, two points. Either way I scored a copy of the game, a massive Etnies shirt and a wallet. Add all that to the free booze and it was basically a night filled with success.

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