In the last few months a number of videogame to movie adaptations have been announced. These include such huge games as Microsoft's Halo and Sony's God of War. It's inevitable that great games with rich storylines and plenty of action will be made into movies, but what games should Hollywood leave on store shelves? We look at the trailers that will never happen.



A race of coloured blocks (the Lumines) are being held prisoner by an evil Time Lord. 'Lumines' tells the tale of a group of friends who learn that working together and having a good sense of rhythm might just save their lives. Join the Lumines as they journey across many fantastical landscapes, full of diverse sounds and colour.



Bob's life sucks; he's stuck in a dead end job that he hates. However, things are about to change. When Bob discovers a new cult his life is turned upside down, and he learns that mindless sheep can achieve things. Witness an epic adventure, a tale of accomplishment, and the loss of close friends due to careless management practices.



They live in your garden and create compost heaps, but is that all they do? Ever seen a sheep explode in the backyard? Noticed a wave of parachutes in the sky over your house? Experience the real life of a worm in 'Worms: Assault on Garden 13'. Witness stunning special effects and incredibly life-like CG worms wielding high-powered weaponry in a film like no other.

Vib Ribbon


Imagine a world where everything you once knew is no more. Imagine a world of darkness, where you move as if you're on a tightrope; a world so full of danger that each step could be you last. In a world this scary there is little to live for... except for music. Discover a man who won't let the world around him dictate his life; a man who shows the world that music is the key to life. Discover Vib Ribbon.

Point Blank


Dave had all any man would wish for: A family, a good job, an HD TV and Tivo. He was set to live out a happy life, but fate had other ideas. Days after visiting a funfair he slips into a trance-like state, unable to communicate with people in the real world. He must take on the games in his mind in order to survive. Chickens in clocks, falling leaves, deadly flies, cardboard cut-outs and more stand in his path back to reality.

Katamari Damacy


The world is becoming an untidy place, but one man is taking his obsessions for tidiness too far. Larry suffers a mental breakdown and believes he is Prince of All Cosmos, under instruction from the King of All Cosmos to collect things from the world in order to make new stars. Larry will stop at nothing to serve the King's wishes, destroying everything in his path. In summer 2008, witness the wrath of a giant ball of stuff.



In a world where reality TV is a way of life, one TV producer is about to go one step too far. A group of nobodies is assembled, each man with nothing to lose. They're going to take part in 2015's biggest new reality TV show: Bomberman. Each man must use skill and cunning to survive the perilous bomb battles, knowing every false move could be their last. It's bombing time.

Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball


When the weather's good, the sand's hot and the sky's blue, some girls only want to do one thing: play with some balls... volleyballs. Next summer discover just why beach volleyball is a growing spectator sport amongst men as we go behind the bikinis in 'Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball Exposed'. There's more to good ball skills than meets the eye.

Animal Crossing


This winter discover just why animals shouldn't live near each other. Watch in awe as apples are shook from trees, houses are redecorated with a horrific sense of style, and dead bodies are found buried in the orchard. Animal town is a cruel place to be when there's no one you can trust and plenty to fear. Step into the nightmare of Animal Crossing.

Doshin the Giant

In a Nintendo Pictures film, get up close and personal with a big yellow giant; a heart warming tale of one giant's quest to help out those who need him. Witness Doshin overcome his inner demons for the sake of his village's prosperity. One small step for a giant is one giant leap for man.

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