We're not going to stop playing GTA 4 any time soon, but we're already longing for new things. While many gamers probably didn't rush through it as fast as we did, you will come to the end eventually, and when that day comes you'll want more. We know Rockstar will be releasing new episodes exclusively to the Xbox 360, so that'll provide us with more missions, but what about extra things to enhance the game? We've put our heads together to come up with the Top 10: Things we want from GTA 4 DLC. Read on and let us know what you'd like Rockstar to add in the months to come.

10. More TV shows/websites


Although really only a very small part of what GTA 4 offers, the TV shows viewable from the TVs in your apartments are well worth watching. Our problem is that we got through them all and wanted more. We want more from our favourite shows, like The Mens Room and the brilliant space cartoon which sees marines blowing up every new life-form, but we also want brand-new shows. It seems odd paying for new content that isn't directly related to GTA 4's gameplay, but we just can't get enough. A few more pages on GTA 4's internet service would be great too. We spent ages reading over the tongue-in-cheek fake sites that Rockstar had clearly spent far too long making.

9. New radio stations


It might seem a bit ungrateful to ask for more Radio Stations in a game that includes more than 200 music tracks, but after cruising around Liberty City for more than 40 hours we're in need of some fresh material. You know what else would be cool? How about the game recognising when you plug an MP3 player into your console, letting Niko wear an iPod (this is Rockstar, so it'd have to be a cool brand) in the game to listen to music while on foot? Maybe asking for too much, but you don't get what you don't ask for.

8. Extra mini-games


We like pool, darts and bowling as much as the next man, but there's room for more in Liberty City. Some crazy golf would fit in really well - and hopefully please Niko's lady friends - and a few casinos wouldn't go amiss. Gambling in San Andreas was a great way to get large amounts of cash, and we'll probably need it if Rockstar adds the weapons we've listed below.

7. Character customisation in multiplayer


Yes, we know GTA 4 allows you to customise your multiplayer character to a degree, but it's pretty basic as far as character creation goes these days. We want a full-on character creation tool that allows us to shape our characters in our own image. Face mapping using cameras might be going too far, but a proper face moulding tool would be great. Some basic painting tools would help too, allowing us to draw graphics on our clothes and vehicles.

6. New Co-op missions


It's great that Rockstar included some co-op missions in GTA 4's online game modes, but even a week after release we're ready for more. We wouldn't mind too much if they simply re-worked a few missions from the story, as long as we got more co-op action. Of course, some completely new missions designed from the ground-up for co-op play would be brilliant, especially if we're able to use properly customised characters.

5. Cameo appearances


This one is a bit out there in terms of it being highly unlikely, but imagine walking down the road in GTA 4 only to see a movie star. You've just mounted the pavement after going wide on a corner, smashed into a civilian and Samuel L Jackson's face is staring at you through the blood-smeared windscreen. We'd pay good money for that. If proper celebs are too much to ask for then we'd settle for new crazy characters that appear in the city, be it an off the wall busker, clever beggar or 'interesting' lady of the night.

4. New wardrobe


While we like the fact that it's impossible to make Niko look like an idiot in GTA 4 we also understand that some people want to buy some Bermuda shorts, a Mexican hat and walk around bare-chested. If people want to dress Niko like a clown, why not let them? While we're not suggesting this would be the right way for Rockstar to go about it, releasing items individually as DLC would surely rake in the money.

3. More weapons


For a real-world game the weapons in GTA 4 are fine. Using the RPG is great fun, but a few more over the top weapons would be great. We fancy knuckle dusters, a chain-gun, chainsaw and flame thrower, but Rockstar will hopefully be able to think of far more. Seeing how the people of Liberty City like to get on with their lives, wandering about as if real people, some remote mines would also go down very well indeed. We can only imagine how great it'd be to detonate a mine just as a swarm of police cars came hurtling down the road towards you. Evil, but good fun.

2. New vehicles


There are plenty of cars, bikes and helicopters in GTA 4, but what happened to the cool stuff? We want planes, jet packs, BMX bikes, parachutes and more. We know they aren't in keeping with the game's story or characters, but who cares? Once we're done with the story we just want to mess about and a larger assortment of vehicles would help no end - not to mention completely change the dynamic of many multiplayer games. We spent loads of time messing about on the BMX is San Andreas and it'd be great to do the same in GTA 4.

1. Theatre Mode


If there's one thing we really wish Rockstar had included in GTA 4 it's a theatre mode, similar to Halo 3. When playing the game alone or with friends online there were so many times when we wanted to see what happened again: when we saw a police car spiralling above us in a high-speed chase; when we turned a corner to be met with a great big explosion that wasn't our doing; or when we missed an exit on the freeway and went flying through the barrier and onto the roof of the buildings below. Not being able to see them again in their full multiple-angle glory is a crime that we really hope Rockstar will rectify.

What do you hope Rockstar will add to GTA 4 through DLC? Let us know in the comments section below.