Here is the latest actress to play Lara Croft. While Camilla Luddington isn't providing her likeness, she will be the first actress to take on the voice acting and motion-capture work. You may know her from William & Kate or Californication, and you can catch her in the upcoming season of True Blood.

Lara croft luddington

But who else has played the lovely Lara in video games or on the big screen? The fact they're all fantastically good looking and we had to find pictures for each entry has nothing to do with why we wanted to put this list together. It's purely coincidental.

Nathalie Cook, 1996 - 1997


Although she didn't make the same impact as subsequent Laras, Nathalie Cook was actually the first model to fill Ms Croft's boots, and became closely associated with the character after appearing on the front cover of PC Zone back in the day. Nobody remembers her today though. Shame.

Rhona Mitra, 1997 - 1998


Ask somebody who the first 'proper' Lara model was, and the chances are they'll reply 'Rhona Mitra'. In order to bring some much needed authenticity to the role, Rhona had a breast enlargement, bumping her up from a 34A to a 34DD. The operation was conducted by none other than Rhona's father, Dr Anthony Mitra. Weird, right?

Vanessa Demouy, 1997


While Vanessa was never an official Lara model, she did have the approval of Eidos France. Riding off the success of Tomb Raider 2's launch, she appeared on the front cover of French magazine, VSD Jeux, and will always remain the face of Lara Croft in France.

Nell McAndrew, 1998 - 1999


Although she proved popular with Tomb Raider fans, Nell McAndrew was actually fired by Eidos after she was caught posing in Playboy without their approval. McAndrew used her prestigious role as Lara to promote the issue, which forced Eidos to give her the chop.

Lara Weller, 1999 - 2000


Of all the models on this list, Miss Weller probably shares the most in common with the actual Lara Croft. Not only do the pair share the same first name, athletic figure and smouldering good looks, but also a taste for adventure. Weller is a seasoned traveller, and made a point of visiting many of the locations from the Tomb Raider series.

Angelina Jolie, 2001, 2003


Miss Jolie is a woman who needs no introduction. Since her starring role as Lara in the Hollywood adaptation of Tomb Raider, few people are able to conjure up an image of a real-world Lara Croft without thinking of Angelina. The looks, the moves, the voice - she had it all.

Jill de Jong, 2002 - 2004


In 2002, Jill De Jong became the new Lara model alongside the release of Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness. De Jong might well have been a fantastic model, but the ties to the incredibly disappointing PS2 Tomb Raider debut will forever tarnish her reputation.

Karima Adebibe, 2006 - 2008


Karima Adebibe was the first model Eidos allowed to assume the role of Lara Croft outside of photo shoots. To prepare her for the promotion of Tomb Raider: Legend, Adebibe was given special training in combat, motorcycling, elocution and conduct. A modern Lara Croft model not only had to look the part, but act the part too.

Alison Carroll, 2008 - Present


British gymnast Alison Carroll succeeded Adebibe in 2008, bringing her sought after skills in the gymnasium with her. Like Adebibe, Carroll received special training to help give some weight to her role. With skills in SAS survival, weapons, and archaeology, Carroll is easily the most qualified model to take on the character.

Keeley Hawes, 2006 - Present


You might not recognise Keeley Hawes as Lara Croft at first glance - she's blond - but the moment she opens her mouth you'll notice the resemblance. Keeley Hawes is the distinct voice of Lara Croft, or at least has been since Tomb Raider Legend in 2006. A model might have the hair, lips and figure to pull off Lara Croft, but we'd take Lara's classy British accent and razor sharp wit over all that any day of the week.