Welcome to Pro-G Plays, our new feature where we give you the inside track on what's been whirring in our disc drives this week. We'll be honest (so if we've been playing Superman on the N64 we'll tell you). But if we've been hammering the latest billion-selling blockbuster we'll let you know about that too. Enough small-talk. Read on, and let us know what you've been playing in the comments section below.

Tom Orry, Editor - Half Life 2, HL2: Episode One and HL2: Episode Two, PC

I am the free man, or at least that's what my lovably ugly alien buddy likes to call me. If you haven't guessed, I've been playing Half-Life 2 - I'm not just making fun of James. For PC gamers there was only a single event this week: the Steam release of Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Over the past two days I've finished all three chapters of the Half-Life 2 series and it's been memorable. In a way though it's sad that we're not able to finish the Half-Life 2 series now, with Episode 3 probably so far off my beard might actually be in fashion by the time I get to play it. I'm just hoping Valve doesn't pull a Wachowski brothers on us, and no, I don't mean Doug Lombardi dressing as a woman.

Wesley Yin-Poole, Deputy Editor - Folklore, PS3

I've been hammering this quirky fantasy RPG adventure all week, and it's proven to be quite a soothing respite to the frenetic chaos that is Halo 3. What do I love doing best? It's not unravelling the truth behind creepy Irish village Doolin. And it's not exploring every fantastically realised realm in the Netherworld, Folklore's land of the dead, either. It's collecting the Folks, Pokemon "gotta-catch-em-all" style and seeing how they work in combat that's been floating my boat. Some of them are just so damn cute I want to jump into the TV and give them a cuddle. Message to toy manufacturers - grab that license now!

James Orry, News Editor - Football Manager 2008, PC

It's quite dull, yet I find myself sat down for hours on end each evening after I've had my dinner playing Football Manager 2008. In my first season as the Spurs boss I won the Carling Cup and lost to Man U in the final of the FA Cup, but this wasn't enough to please fans disgusted that their beloved team was dumped out of Europe early and placed only 16th in the Premiership. For the life of me I don't know what went wrong in the league, but I've decided the coaching staff are to blame so have brought in some top coaches from across Europe and also kicked out Chris Hughton for good measure too. My only concern now is matching my pre-season claims of a top four finish - a target I set in order to convince the board they should provide an extra £10 million in the transfer kitty to help me secure the services of Peter Crouch. I fear my run at Spurs is almost over.

Will Freeman, Staff Writer - Skate, PS3

It's still all about EA's Skate for me whenever I have a spare moment. Having completed all the goals on the PS3 version I've still got plenty out of it happily sessioning benches and hunting down new lines. Once I'm finally done there I'll likely not be able to resist the 360 edition too. Come the 12th when the PS3 version is released and online kicks in, I can't wait to nail all the skaters who I'll have a three-week edge over. Until then I'm happy to see how far I can push the physics engine; right now, I'm all about seeing if that kickflip from wall ride is possible. I'm in love!

Simon Hunter, Associate Producer, Pro-G TV - Project Gotham 4, Xbox 360

Now I'll be honest, I'm not the 'best' driver in real life - I see red lights as a suggestion more than an order to stop, traffic cones give me an opportunity to show off my doughnut skills, and speed cameras aren't an obstacle so much as a way for me to gauge my top speeds - you get the idea. In PGR4 my driving niggles seem to have paid off - PGR street races are more fun than ever with twice as many cities than its predecessor, the cone attack challenge forces you to drive sloppy in order to hit every cone, and an improved speed challenge made me feel right at home! If this is the last PGR as we know it, they certainly went out with a bang. Anyway, the moral of the story is; Dangerous driving in the real world doesn't earn you kudos - you'll only earn the other type of points!