7 games Sony needs to reveal in tonight’s PlayStation Showcase

7 games Sony needs to reveal in tonight’s PlayStation Showcase
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Announcement season (formerly E3 season) is about to kick off in a big way tonight, as the PlayStation Showcase is set to take place with a bunch of Sony-centric announcements expected.

PlayStation is coming into this year’s conference in an incredibly strong position, riding the wave of enormous popularity thanks to games like God of War Ragnarok and The Last of Us Part 1. And with a slate that’s already set to include Final Fantasy 16 and Spider-Man 2, you might think they could cruise through this year’s show easily. Well, we disagree – so here’s our wishlist of seven games that Sony need to show during the PlayStation Showcase.

Ghost of Tsushima 2

Lets not mince words here, Ghost of Tsushima was an incredible title – one of the PlayStation 4’s last major releases, the samurai-focused action adventure was an amazing effort from Sucker Punch Productions. An incredible atmosphere, a solid story and perhaps one of the prettiest open-worlds out there that only got more breathtaking to look at when the PlayStation 5 version arrived just over a year later. It was clear the team had really put their heart into recreating their feudal Japan-inspired world with a great deal of respect – and we’d love to go back for a brand new adventure.

Death Stranding 2

To call Death Stranding a package delivery game is incredibly reductive, and even we couldn’t expect what Kojima would do with that premise. What we got was something so unique, so unusual that it even had Kojima skeptics such as myself acknowledge that this game is unlike anything else. We already know that a sequel is on the way – heck, we even know some of the plot. But now seems like the right time to showcase what the game itself will be, and how this sequel will differentiate itself from the original in meaningful ways.

Metal Gear Solid 3 remake

Speaking of Kojima games, the rumours and reports are now at an all-time high for a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, so this might be a freebie. MGS3 is – for many fans- a highlight of the series, and experiencing Snake’s jungle adventure with modern graphics and sensibilities seems like a tantalising prospect. The reports claim the game will be a multi-format release, which is fine – but it’d make a lot of sense to reveal it at the show on the platform where it made its home for so many years.

Ratchet and Clank

As one of the PlayStation 5’s launch titles – Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart was an excellent showcase of the new console’s abilities. The jumping between worlds mechanic was a lot of fun – and impressive as our heroes jumped between entire worlds with no noticeable loading time. A follow-up then seems in order, while momentum is high. It might not be able to lean on the new hardware gimmick anymore, but family friendly adventures have been a bit barren over the last year as the focus has been on more mature stories like in God of War and Horizon Forbidden West. There’s room for both mature and family-friendly stories of course (and that’s not to say Rift Apart’s story was exclusively for kids either) – but we’re ready for another fun adventure with everyone’s favourite Lombax and crew.

Marvel’s Wolverine

We get it, a lot of focus is going to be on Spider-Man 2, and rightly so given it’s expected to launch later this year. However, we’d not turn down the opportunity to see a little bit more of Wolverine at tonight’s show. We know it’s happening – and that’s about it so far. While just the knowledge it’s happening and the fact it’s also going to be a mature Insomniac project is a great start, we’re now almost two years on from its initial reveal, and fans are starting to get antsy. Heck, will it take place in the same universe as Spider-Man 2? All questions Marvel fans – and fans of great Insomniac action adventure games- want answered, and soon.

The Last of Us multiplayer game

Since the release of The Last of Us TV show shot the already popular series into mainstream consciousness, everyone’s clamouring to find out what’s coming next from developer Naughty Dog. Now seems as good a time as any to let people know. We know they’ve got a few things in the oven at the moment, including a The Last of Us multiplayer game, and those rumours of an Uncharted remake won’t go away. Naughty Dog is almost PlayStation’s golden child at this point, so whatever they announce is sure to be met with a massive amount of hype.

Silent Hill 2 remake

Another one in the remake column, but you can hardly blame us for being interested in a remake of one of the most revered survival horror games of all time. We’ve had Resi 4 and Dead Space’s excellent remakes, and we’ve got Alone in the Dark’s upcoming revival – to say we’re curious as to how Bloober Team is going to update Silent Hill 2 is an understatement. Being a PlayStation exclusive was a big coup for Sony; now they need to capitalise on that momentum while they can.

Hopefully, we’ll see some or all of these games during tonight’s presentation – check out how to watch the PlayStation Showcase event here.

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