Game development is fuelled by weird ideas, but never are they as hilarious as when they take shape as a character name. Here are some of our favourite odd character names.



Possibly one of the most well known minor characters of all time. Error gained notoriety on the Internet based on the The Legend of Zelda II's mistranslation of the name Errol. Walking up to the old man triggers the statement "I AM ERROR!". Error is spoken to by name by other characters only a few times in the game but it's the meme that made him big.

Linear Cannon


Another randomly generated beauty. Linear Cannon is from Evolution: World of Sacred, a game which is filled with brilliant names. Along with her co-characters Chain Gun, who fights with a large blade and not a gun, and Gre Nade, a family butler who fights using a shotgun and cooking skills, not grenades, Linear Cannon has one of the most baffling names in video games.

Drizzt Do'Urden


You might recognise Drizzt from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons. Drizzt can be found confusing people over the pronunciation of his name in a number of different media. He's turned up in Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone, and even as an unlockable playable character in Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II.

Master Belch


Master Belch is a boss in the Japanese RPG series Earthbound, shaped like a large, animated pile of vomit who is addicted to honey. He is lord to smaller piles of vomit. He's best known for enslaving an extra-terrestrial species called Mr. Saturn in order to mass produce honey. So there you go.

Philbright Westriverside Warehouserock XXVI


Hideo Kojima's The Zone of the Enders games might have a cult following but the side-story release Fist of Mars tends to get overlooked. It does, however, offer some of the best character names you could hope to read. Philbright Westriverside Warehouserock XXVI looks like something that's been randomly selected out of a name generator.

Sol Badguy


He's the main character of the Guilty Gear series; a brooding antihero with a weirdly shaped sword. Sol is actually named after a reference to Freddie Mercury. Creator Daisuke Ishiwatari's favourite band is Queen and therefore used Mercury's solo album, Mr. Bad Guy.



Ha ha, Butz. His name is Butz, like a butt. Oh Final Fantasy V, what will you come out with next? Oh, that isn't his name? Despite being poked fun at by everyone who has picked up a copy of FFV, his original name was Butsu and these days he's popularly referred to as Bartz.

King DeDeDe


Best known as the major recurring antagonist in the Kirby series, King DeDeDe is a giant hammer-wielding penguin. Enough said.

Edge Maverick


I know no name cooler than Edge Maverick of Star Ocean 4, the console RPG published by Square Enix. Edge Maverick is what you get when you combine the levels of awesome of Top Gun with a random, punchy, monosyllabic word.

Detective Gumshoe


Detective Gumshoe of Ace Attorney has possibly one of the most brilliant career-based names you'll come across. What luck that he didn't try to get a medical degree.