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Madden 23: Best teams to rebuild in Franchise Mode

Madden 23
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Franchise Mode has always been one of the biggest hits in Madden and this year is no different. In Madden 23, Franchise Mode provides a variety of fun features to generate an authentic and real-life experience of what it means to manage a team from top to bottom.

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Whether you create a league with a few friends or decide to embark on a solo adventure with a team you like, one of the most exciting parts about Franchise Mode is selecting a lower-tier team with it’s current roster that you can attempt to rebuild over the course of two to three seasons, if not more.

But with 32 teams in the NFL, there’s lots to choose from. And the success you’re able to muster with the team you select (and how quickly), will be determined on the structure and overall talent level each team has amongst its ranks in Madden 23.

That all said, out of all the teams available, this begs the question of which are the best to rebuild with in Madden 23? This will really depend on what you’re looking for and how much work you want to put in with the team you’re rebuilding. But to make this process easier, we’re going to provide four points of criteria that will grant you a snap shot of why the following teams made our Top 3 list.

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The Four Points Of Assessment

  • How many 80 and 90 overalls does the team have?
  • How many young stars and rookies are on the team?
  • How much cap space is at their disposal?
  • How’s the balance between rebuilding and having fun?

As we break down why each team deserves to be on this list, all of these points will be reviewed with the intent to clarify why you should look to rebuild with them.

On that note, let’s see which teams made the list.

Top 3 Teams To Rebuild

  1. Washington Commanders (81 Overall):
    When it comes to the balance you’re looking for between having fun with your team and putting in the time to rebuild it, the Commanders make for a great option to try out in Madden 23 and a big reason for that is due to their depth and young talent.

    With two 90 overalls rostered on their team in Jonathan Allen (92) and Terry McLaurin (91), the Commanders have a grand total of ten 80 overall players to go with another seven players that are higher than a 77 overall as well.

    Though the Commanders have a solid foundation in place, there’s still plenty of work to be done for gamers (particularly within the quarterback position) if they intend to make it deep into the playoffs or win a Super Bowl title. With Carson Wentz listed as a 73, Taylor Heinicke a 69, and rookie Sam Howell a 67, this is the one position Washington has been trying to fix for years and it will provide a fun challenge for gamers to overcome.

    The Commanders don’t have a lot of rookie starlets to grow in Madden 23. But their first round pick (16th overall) in wide receiver, Jahan Dotson, is currently listed 75 overall and could very well shoot up into the low 80s by the end of the first season. In addition, Howell does have a low overall right now but he has the potential to be the starting quarterback for the Commanders over the next two seasons, something you could experiment with and see for yourself.

    Lastly, the Commanders are just shy of $10 million in cap space, which is a nice chunk of money to work with as you head into your first offseason. That kind of cap space will come in handy as you progress with them in Madden 23.
  1. Miami Dolphins (83 Overall):
    Though it might seem like the Dolphins don’t have much rebuilding to do with the kind of free agency period they had, they’re on this list for good reason. Containing two 90 overalls as well in Tyreek Hill (97) and Terron Armstead (93), the Dolphins have nine 80 overalls and six players that are 77 overall or higher.

    That said, two big concerns that users would have to improve, is their quarterback and running back positions. With Tua Tagovailoa and Teddy Bridgwater listed as 75 overalls, it would take some time for gamers to get their quarterback position to where it needs to be. Though their run game is in better shape with Chase Edmunds (79), Raheem Mostert (78), and Myles Gaskin (74), there’s no clear answer whether any of these backs will be starting material moving forward, presenting another small project fans would have to rebuild.

    The Dolphins didn’t come away with many rookies in this years draft, seeing their first pick was in round three. That said, from Waddle to Tagovailoa, there’s plenty of youth worth grooming into rising stars over the next two to three seasons.

    As far as cap space goes, the Dolphins have a sizable chunk with around $18.5 million to spare, ranking as the fourth highest cap space team in the league. This really rounds out the balance that the Dolphins provide, not only with the talent they have on offense, defense, and amongst their youth, but also with the room to spend over the offseason, something that’s always worthwhile having.
  1. Indianapolis Colts (82 Overall):
    If you’re aiming to enjoy the near perfect balance of fun and rebuilding with any franchise in Madden 23, look no further than the Colts. Possessing five 90 overalls on their team, including the likes of Jonathan Taylor and Quenton Nelson, the Colts also have eight 80 overalls and five players with a 76 overall or higher.

    Don’t worry, there’s still lots of work to do if you take on the Colts. The two glaring issues you’ll want to address with this team, is their linebackers but also their quarterback position. With Bobby Okereke being their best middle linebacker with an 81 overall rating, the depth is lacking for this position and needs to improve. Quarterback Matt Ryan is certainly a solid short term solution (81 overall) but users would have to look into who their next franchise quarterback could be.

    Similarly to that of the Dolphins, the Colts didn’t get their hands on many first-round rookies. But unlike Miami, the Colts did snag a handful in the second and third rounds that could climb their way up the 70 overall ladder. From wide receiver Alex Pierce (70), tight end Jelani Woods (69), and strong safety Nick Cross (69), the Colts have a solid group of rookies that could be dangerous in the near future.

    In terms of cap space, the Colts don’t have a lot of wiggle room with the $10 million they have. But it does grant them something to work with heading into an offseason that won’t require a lot of demanding changes.