Every week we launch a raft of extra bits on our Patreon, for people who are kind enough to support us, and each week I am charged with showing you what you missed over the previous seven days by not supporting. I would say 'making them sound titillating' but they are actually rather good (especially this week, where we plumbed new lows, or possibly highs, depending on how you feel about smut).


Patreons pledging at $15 or above got their exclusive livestreams, this week including the second part of Colm and Alice's Live Let's Play of Outlast. This week they were joined by Diddy, who was of small comfort, but they did make some excellent progress despite all the whimpering and screaming.

this week on patreon shots

We also had our VG Versus, where I and the two Best Boys, Sam and Colm, played Jackbox Party Pack 3, a confusing multiplayer party game about serial killers and drawing on t-shirts. Because you can connect through a smartphone we ended up competing against some VG fans (who then beat us).


The lucky individuals supporting us for $5 and up got access to Extended Podcast 184 which featured one of the standout extended sections ever recorded. We discussed Sam's contention that the water in London is making him sick, as well as Colm's family having their own well. Also Colm' explains, at length, why he thought having stairs was really cool when he was a kid.

hunters of blood and gold
Extremely NSFW. Or anything else, to be honest.

On Friday 21 October we had our Patreon Podcast Episode 2, which is not for the faint of heart or for anyone pledging less than $10. I consider it one of the greatest works I've been involved in since I started at VideoGamer. In it Colm, Sam, and myself, offer a dramatic-reading-meets-critical-analysis of an incredibly filthy Red Dead Redemption fan fiction. Colm and Sam really went the whole hog with the voices. Honestly, it's a standout moment for the company as a whole and we may take it on tour as a local am dram group. Don't listen to it around children though, it is literally us reading out poorly parsed pornography.

Patreon Videos

20 October brought the extra video, which is exclusive to Patreons of $10 and up. This week Sam used the face mapping feature of WWE 2K17 to take photos of things he found around the office and turn them into wrestlers. This culminated in an Inanimate Object Rumble which is kind of a hellish vision of a future dystopia where we create terrible genetic monstrosities that should not have been brought forth and force them to fight for our entertainment. I imagine they all long for death.

this week on patreon shots
"Please... kill meeeeeeee...."

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