Let's talk about the elephant in the room straight away. Before joining VideoGamer.com, and for the last eight months, I was working as a PR for now deceased publisher THQ. RIP. Prior to this I found myself down at Imagine Publishing where I spent six years writing for and heading up such publications as X360 and Games TM. While the latter will probably wash over most of you, the fact I was a PR may raise a few eyebrows, which is mainly why I decided to raise it from the off.

Attracted to the role thanks to my love of professional wrestling (one of a handful of weird passions I have that also include bodybuilding, Batman and Metallica) I enjoyed my time there, felt it gave me an even greater knowledge of the industry and was sad when it was forced to close its doors earlier this year.

With that said, I'm excited that the clichéd closing of one door and another opening has meant I now find myself as editor of VideoGamer.com. I've been playing games for well over 20 years - my first experience coming when I watched a friend fail miserably at the NES 'classic' Kung Fu - and my love for them has only grown since then. Ocarina of Time remains my most cherished gaming experience, I think Dragon Age is one of the best games ever made (seriously), I quite regularly ask Rare to develop a new R.C. Pro-Am, I struggle to play anything that's even remotely scary and the 301 hours I put into Oblivion still weigh heavily on my shoulders.

While a changing of the guard is always likely to create some intrigue, rest assured I'm here to make VideoGamer.com the best it can be for both those reading this now and new readers in the future. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have and intend to involve the community even more into the mix over the coming weeks and months. Hopefully before long you'll know me a little better than you do now and this can be the start of something special.