Tom Orry, Editor - Food Processing

Is Food Processing the new Fruit Ninja? No. But it is both a fairly relaxing and intense experience. To begin with you can play the standard conveyor belt mode, in which you have to prepare food as it rolls towards you. Each item of fruit or veg needs to be prepared in its own way, and with a variety of items you need to think fast.

Pumpkins need to be chopped into four even segments, aubergines need their tops sliced off without wasting too much of the flesh, nuts need to be tapped open, corn has to be chopped into thirds, peas need popping and pomegranate should be pulled apart. If you manage to string together perfectly prepared items you increase your combo and earn higher scores, and in turn unlock all the secret content. Also watch out for the bad gone-off food, which if touched costs you a life and breaks your combo.

This standard mode is really only the beginning, with the devilishly difficult Hell's Kitchen mode unlocking once you've got to grips with the basics. Here things are ultra fast and a plethora of pick-ups change the rules slightly. While the basic conveyor belt mode becomes fairly relaxing once you're in the swing of things, Hell's Kitchen is the equivalent of working in the kitchen with Gordon Ramsay. With online leaderboards and Game Center support, this is well worth a download at just 59p.

Jamin Smith, Staff Writer - Tiny Wings

Everybody's playing Tiny Wings at the moment. Me, my girlfriend, that bloke I sat next to on the train, the whole of Twitter, most of us in the office - even James! You're probably playing it right now, in fact; casually glancing at these words in-between levels, or 'islands' as they're referred to in the game. Tiny Wings is an overnight success story, and just like DoodleJump, Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, there's a good reason for that: it's addictive as hell.

Like all other popular iOS games, Tiny Wings is incredibly simple. Press the screen and your spherical bird will stop flapping his little wings and drop out of the sky, hugging the slopes beneath him. The idea is then to let go at precisely the right moment to fling him off the upward slope of the next hill, sending him flying back into the air. It's all about timing and rhythm, ensuring the bird spends as much time soaring through the air as possible. The clock is the only thing you need to worry about here, as if the sun sets, it's game over.

By completing mini-achievements (execute 10 perfect jumps, score 60,000 points, collect 200 coins etc) you'll build up a permanent multiplier (indicated by your nest), increasing your score on the next run. By completing all these challenges and maxing your nest out with a X28 multiplier, you can then focus solely on that high score. This is something I'm thinking about running as the next Staff vs Forums challenge. If you're one of the three people in the world not yet playing this, put 59p to one side and get involved.

James Orry - News Editor - Office Gamebox

What you've got here is a collection of time wasters vaguely designed around the concept of games you'd play at the office. First up is Paper Sniper in which you're tasked with flicking scrunched up paper into bins around the office. There's a 60 second time limit and you get more points for successful long-distance shots. The second office game is Chair Race, which actually doesn't feature a race, instead asking the player to see how far they can roll on an office chair propelled by a fire extinguisher. General office equipment will be in the way so you need to jump and double jump over desks and photocopiers to avoid taking a fall. The third and best game of the bunch is Pitch a Penguin, although how it relates to an office is beyond me. Here you grab hold of a penguin and launch it through the sky like a javelin. Once airborne the penguin has a limited number of flaps it can make to remain aloft, so must eat fish along the way to replenish energy. Hitting rockets earns a speed boost and passing over fans will send the flightless bird soaring into the sky.

All three titles are high-score based, but with no support for Game Center you'll need to sign up to Chillingo's own Crystal service if you want to share your scores or earn any achievements. Office Gamebox is far from a must have game for your iDevice, but for 59p you get three simple games that will help pass the time come Friday afternoon when you're waiting for the clock to strike 5.

Emily Gera, Staff Writer - Monty Python's Cow Tossing

It's like Angry Birds for Monty Python fans looking for a game that's worse than Angry Birds. If that sentence piques your interest then you're in luck! Monty Python's Cow Tossing takes the cow scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, rolls it around in a game engine until it begins to look like the iPhone's most popular game of all time, and hopes for the best. Unfortunately a good idea only gets you so far, especially when you've created a physics game where throwing anything will make the frame rate drop instantly.

Accuracy is replaced by a shoot-repeatedly-and-hope tactic that's induced by the game's unlimited amount of cow-ammo and a time limit on every level - an issue considering how even aiming is difficult. But hey, at the cost of a few pence you can at least fill your need for Python references. Alternatively you could condition yourself to believe birds are in fact cows and enjoy the altogether more entertaining Angry Birds.