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Recommended: Bionic Commando - PC

It's taken a while for Capcom's third-person swinger to arrive on the PC, but now it's here all action junkies should definitely take a look. With keyboard and mouse controls the shooting has been made slightly easier, and targeting objects with your grapple is less problematic. We still preferred using an Xbox 360 controller as the swinging feels more natural, but the choice is yours. The PC game can also look considerably sharper than the console versions, assuming you've got a PC that's up to it.

And the rest

Battlestrike: Shadow Of Stalingrad - PC

Cake Mania 3 - PC

Europa Universalis Rome Gold Pack - PC

Great Western (London to Swindon) - PC

Hitman: Ultimate Contract - PC

Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward - DS

Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward - Wii

Imperium Romanum - PC

Line Rider: Freestyle - Wii and DS

Mystery Case Files Return to Ravenhearst - PC

Mystery Stories - PC

Purr Pals - Wii

Royal Marines: Commando - PC

The Bigs 2 - 360