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Recommendation of the Week: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, DS

With the hugely high profile releases of Wii Fit and GTA 4 now passed, the smaller fish are coming out to play. This week sees the release of Apollo Justice, the successor to the popular Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney series on Nintendo DS.

Players assume the role of Apollo Justice and, with the help of 15-year-old magician Trucy, must search for evidence and win court battles against genius prosecutor and part-time rockstar, Klavier Gavin.

The game has already been hugely successful in Japan - 250,000 units sold in its first week - and should certainly be on the shopping list for all DS gamers, especially those who have previously enjoyed entries in the Phoenix Wright series.

Also out this week

Boom Blox, Wii: A game from EA and Steven Spielberg sounds like a partnership made in heaven. Mix the acclaimed director's movie making skills with the publisher's blockbuster pedigree to create a video game to rival the summer motion picture releases. Boom Blox hasn't played along though and instead looks to offer Wii gamers of all ages a healthy dose of physics-based puzzle action that looks to topple Jenga as the king of multiplayer block games.

And the rest...

Speed Racer (Wii, DS)

Cobra 11 Crashtime (Xbox 360)

Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors (Wii)

High School Musical - Work This Out (DS)

Iron Man (PC)

Rollercoaster 3 (PC Budget)

Brian Lara 07 (PC Budget)

Bus Simulator (PC)

Settlers Heritage of Kings (PC Budget)

Ship Simulator 2006 Gold Edition (PC)

SpinOut (PSP)

Street Football (DS)

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