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Recommendation of the Week: Dark Sector, Xbox 360, PS3

We had high hopes for Digital Extreme's sci-fi action title for several years, but always had a feeling it would eventually arrive in stores lacking much of its early promise. We were very pleased then, when the finished game turned out to be a mighty fine third-person action title, with a well implemented sci-fi spin.

Sure, it's not Gears of War, despite how similar the game feels at times, but the guys that once worked with Epic on Unreal have done a fine job. It plays great and looks very impressive - albeit with some of the Gears "wow" being absent. The glaive is certainly a cool weapon to use and we hope the game does well enough at retail to warrant a sequel, enabling the developer to build on a very solid base.

Look out for a full review later this week.

Also out this week

Condemned 2, Xbox 360, PS3: The first Condemned turned out to be one of our favourite Xbox 360 launch titles back in the tail end of 2005 and now, over two years later, SEGA and Monolith have come together once again for a second dose of blood-soaked horror.

The biggest change for the sequel is the expanded forensic investigation gameplay, enabling players to examine crime scenes with much more depth and choice than the first title. This is largely optional too, meaning players needn't get bogged down with analysing the direction of blood spatter and other such matters if they don't want to.

And the rest...

Double Sequence: The Q - Virus Invasion (DS)

Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts (DS)

Fate of Hellas (PC)

Heroes of the Pacific (PC)

Imperial Glory (PC)

Jetix Puzzle Buzzle (DS)

Riviera: The Promised Land (PSP)

School Tycoon (PC)

Ship Simulator 2008 Add-On: New Horizons (PC)

Sonic Heroes (PC)

Spellforce Universe (PC)

X3 Reunion 2007 Game of the Year Edition (PC)