Heads-up is here to deliver the skinny on what's being released each and every week, even when pickings are slim. This week's offerings may not exactly be ready to set the world on fire, but here's what you need to keep your eye on.

Recommended: Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge - Xbox 360 and PS3

Of note this week as it goes some way to improving the Ninja Gaiden experience, Razor's Edge still isn't the beast the original boasted to be and even lives in the shadow of the exceptionally gory II. Still, if you need to feel better about the tears you shed when Ninja Gaiden 3 was released a year ago this will go some way to achieving that.

Worth a look

While Defiance has been worryingly quiet - both in terms of press coverage and buzz - it boasts a premise that could turn out to be, at the very least, interesting. Unfortunately we couldn't give further comment as we're still waiting for the means to review it. For now we'll hold off on an opinion.

As a special mention, consider keeping an eye on Xbox LIVE Arcade this week, mainly because the much-anticipated next project from The Behemoth (them of Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers fame) return with BattleBlock Theater. It could just be the gem of the week...