GTA 5: 11 Little Things You Need To Know

GTA 5: 11 Little Things You Need To Know
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PLEASE NOTE: Minor GTA 5 Spoilers Within

It Doesn't Load

Rockstar has mentioned that GTA 5 would have minimal loading, but it's not until you sit down with it that you realise just how impressive an achievement that is. Aside from when you start the damn thing up, expect to be left to your own devices regardless what you decide to do.

Yes, if you use a taxi to fast travel or get 'wasted' there may be a short moment of darkness before events spring back into life, but taking everything into account, how on earth this has been accomplished is anyone's guess.

Your GPS Goes Down When In Tunnels

No matter how many set pieces or explosions that can be worked into a game, sometimes it's the smallest of details that increase the love people feel for it. I doubt anyone would've blinked if when going through a tunnel GTA 5's built-in GPS had carried on working, but the fact it stops – as you're hidden from the satellite – is yet another wonderful touch in a game that's full of lovely additions.

Radio Stations Don't Work Across The Entire Map

Much like the above, the knowledge that some radio stations can't be tuned depending where you are in the world is one of those touches that's worthy of a round of applause in front of your television… even if you're by yourself.

While enjoying some time in the countryside setting of Sandy Shores, I was baffled that Talk Radio seemed to have vanished from my list of available stations, only to realise that this had all transpired because I was out in the sticks. First world problems…

Arguably needless, but it makes GTA 5 all the better because of it.

Reaction of Car Crash 'Victims'

Having an NPC react to your violent/stupid actions is nothing new, but some of the more nonchalant consequences of ramming your vehicle into another on the streets of Los Santos are rather amusing. There's the usual screams of terror and anger, as well as the odd driver who's so enraged they exit their car and attempt to beat your face in.

Where GTA 5 is concerned, the highlight is surely when a disgruntled driver winds down the window, extends an arm and finishes that off with the raising of a middle finger.

The Characters Aren't Stupid

We may never see the day where digital AI is on par to an actual human, but it's always a pleasure to see small acts grounding video game characters in their environment. GTA 5 has plenty of these, one of the quaintest being that if Michael, Trevor or Franklin make or receive a telephone call while riding a motorbike – meaning they have a helmet on – they'll use the device's speaker phone.

GTA 4 Exists

It would've been all too easy for GTA 5 to have simply forgotten about GTA 4, but the adventures of one Niko Bellic are very real within the vast open space that is San Andreas. While I'm sure there's countless more mentions or easter eggs, don't be too surprised to hear people recalling Niko's actions, or even the odd name drop here and there.

Trevor Has a Tattoo Dedicated to Michael

We won't get into the nitty gritty of their relationship here, but Trevor's tattoo dedicated to Michael is a sign of how far Rockstar has come in terms of characterisation and storytelling. It may sound ridiculous given that I won't go into the significance of the 'ink' – meaning it's impossible for you to really know what I'm talking about – but safe to say it's both important and a nod that some people may never even pick up on.

J.B. Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm's Leon Black) Hosts His Own Radio Programme

This piece of information will affect you in one of two ways. You'll either know who J.B. Smoove is and be instantly excited, or not have a clue who or what I'm talking about. The reason it's such a big deal, though, is given just how talented, and funny, the man is.

Easily the highlight of the talk radio stations, J.B. sits perfectly alongside the Fernando and a certain other character as a reason to just cruise the streets in anticipation to what they'll say next.

You Can Skip Missions

'WHAT!?' I hear you cry, as food falls out of your mouth due to the shock these words have caused. That's right, friends. After years of taking stick (and poorly-worded forum comments) for bad checkpointing – often resulting in people struggling to reach the end of a GTA game – Rockstar has made the decision to place it directly into your hands.

GTA 5 can still be difficult when it wants to be, much like previous entries in the series, but if you're more interested in the story than the challenge, after a few attempts the 'game over' screen will allow you to bypass the test. Throw in that the aforementioned checkpointing is better than ever, and there should be no reason – finding the time aside – not to see the end credits this time around.

Pedestrians Take Videos Of Street Attacks

If you filter your way through YouTube, you'll probably be rather perplexed at the amount of real-life muggings or beatings that have been recorded on someone's phone. Don't help. Just watch…

Leaving the moral side out of proceedings for the moment, should you decide you need a break from GTA 5's structure, expect pedestrians to whip out their smart phones and film you as you kick the crap out of innocent bystanders. Proving their cowardice further, they'll even leg it if and when you turn your attentions to them.

You Can Flip Cars

GTA 4 was too serious, or so they say. GTA 5 has dedicated itself to eradicating that memory, though, a fact that's no more obvious than in the opening moments when you're told that should you flip a car on its roof, you can level things out with a simple movement of the stick.

Physics? Who needs 'em…*

*Note: GTA 5's physics are genuinely very well done.