Right, you've done the towers in Madagascar; you're feeling like a total boss and that you're really nailing this treasure hunting business. From this point on the game really kicks into gear, throwing more enemies, bigger set pieces, and hidden-er treasure at you. Luckily we're on hand with pictures to guide you to them all. This covers the remaining chapters up until the end of Uncharted 4; if you want the first half you've come to the wrong place, so allow us to direct you to the right one.

Treasure in Chapter 11 of Uncharted 4

48. Earthenware Mug

From the start of the chapter drop down into the alley on your left (you can also get there by going down into the market and around, but Drake didn't get to where he is now by walking places, godammit). Go to the end of the alley and grab the treasure.

It's at this point, as he rummages through the rubbish in a market alley for an old, dirty mug, that you'd expect Drake to maybe stop and look at what he's doing. But he doesn't.

48. earthenware mug

49. "Antique" Compass

On the right side of the market is a man with a stall selling vases and jugs that look antique/grubby. Go up to the stall and you can interact with a little compas on top of the counter. Interact with it a couple more times and Nate will actually buy it, the joke presumably being that it's just about the only thing he acquires honestly and it's probably worthless.

49. antique compass

50. Nephrite and Jade Bowl

When you first drop inside the tower go to the alcove on the left side, which is overgrown with with grass and has an empty metal candleholder. The treasure is by the statue in here.

50. nephrite and jade bowl

51. Ivory Handle Dagger

Climb to the top of the bell tower, even above the giant bell and everything, and the dagger is on one of the balcony-esque areas to the side. Climbing to the very top of the tower, incidentally, will get you an achievement.

51. ivory handle dagger

52. Brass Globe Hand Warmer

After the entire bell tower collapses, explore the rubble on the other side of the spiral staircase, and just to the right of the weighted pendulum you were swinging about on mere moments ago. You should be able to find the treasure pretty easily.

52. brass globe hand warmer

Treasure in Chapter 12 of Uncharted 4

53. Combination Lock Tobacco Box

For the smoker who really doesn't want to share. Go around to the left side of the island until you reach a beach area. Get off the boat and run to the back right wall of the beach, where it meets the cliff of the island, and the treasure is on some broken boxes.

53. combination lock

54. Brass Pocket Sundial

Roughly opposite the bay above, further out to the sea, is a cluster of rocks and sandbars. You can just see the mast of a ship sticking out of the water - if you get close enough Sam will point it out. Hop out and dive down to the ship (which is now only half a ship). The treasure is in the cabin.

54. brass pocket sundial

55. Silver and Wood Tankard

On the smaller island with the tower that Sam points out as being "pirate made" you can find a skeleton tied to a remnant of mast, on the beach that faces open sea rather than the larger island. As you stand facing the poor chap look to your right and you can see a rock with a little alcove underneath it. The tankard is in said alcove.

55. silver and wood tankard

56. Persian Silver Pen Box

Still starting at our friend tied to the mast, follow the shoreline right until you reach a shallow cave, with a couple of broken barrels. The treasure is in the right corner, just on the line where the sun and shadow meet on the ground. At least at this point Drake is picking up more treasure made of semi-precious materials.

56. persian silver pen box

57. Panamanian Pendant

There are a lot of little sandy inlets around the edge of the islands. With your boat facing the beach with the mast-tied skeleton (he's one of the most recognisable landmarks in the area, give us a break) go around to the right to the first inlet you see - it has a couple of palm trees. Follow the narrow track of sand back to your treasure.

57. panamanian pendant

58. Persian Leather Notebook Case

Between the single arch and double arch rocks coming off the island (which you can drive the boat under) is a ledge. You can use the top of the boat itself to climb up onto it, and from there climb up to another ledge on the right to get your treasure.

58. persian leather

59. Deccani Bronze Spouted Bowl

Facing the big, ostentatious doors into the secret cistern on the island, go around to the right under a natural rock arch (there are some shallow rock steps under it). The treasure is on the third step down.

59. deccani bronze sculpted

60. Mughal Elephant Carving

After the rope bridge breaks and Sam is looking for a way to help you up, climb up the broken half of the bridge that's hanging down like a ladder and leap across to the next two platforms you can reach. On the one against the cliff wall is part of a stone building; go around and inside the arched entrance to get the treasure.

60. mughal elephant carving

61. Ottoman Helmet

After a bit of swinging around on the main island you and Sam will reach another round tower. Go inside the bottom of it for the treasure in the broken crates on the left (there's no indication yet, by the way, where Nate is secreting all these, even if we assume he drops some treasure off at home between flights to locations).

61. ottoman helmet

62. Deccani Bronze Vase

After swinging from the top of the aforementioned tower you'll land on a ledge where you can jump into a mud slide. Before you do, look to the left and jump to the hand hold there. Shimmy along to the next ledge area and on the left hand side is the treasure.

62. deccani bronze vase (1)

63. Strange Relic

Go down the mudslide from the round tower that we mentioned above, and then left until you get to a cliff facing the sea. On the left hand side are some handholds you can use to climb up to a ledge. Once you're up there look across to the opposite ledge and jump - be ready with the grapple hook to swing the rest of the way over. On the weird bird bath looking thing is the strange relic.

63. strange relic (1)

64. Hamsa Mythical Goose

After the mudslide bit you can to swing into the cistern. After the first swing Nate tells Sam to "Come around this way!" and the next swing is from a spear held by a statue. Rather than immediately climbing down, climb up and swing to the base of the statue. The mythical goose is here! Who doesn't want a mythical goose?

64. hamsa mythical goose

65. Pique Tortoise Shell Box

In the room at the bottom of the cistern jump in the water and dive through to the next pool. Swim around to the right until you see the gap in the wall with light shining through. Hook right here again and you can climb up onto the platform in the middle of the pool, covered in rocks and tree roots. The treasure is on the left side of this.

65. pique tortoise shell

Treasure in Chapter 13 of Uncharted 4

66. Persian Ring

After the cutscene where you see Sam's flashlight signalling start climbing towards the large waterfall. Keep to the edge, near the ocean, rather than going back, and climb up the first major stage of cliff face to the top, so you're on a large platform looking out opposite, but still below, the large waterfall. Hang from the rightmost edge of the cliff here and the first handhold down from the top has the ring on it. Don't ask how it got there.

66. persian ring

67. Wood Tankard

Once you've got to the big waterfall use the grapple to swing down to the left side of it and get behind the water. Just on the inside, on the left, is a pot. And, apparently, a wooden tankard. Back to collecting mugs again, eh Nate?

67. wood tankard

68. Spyglass

Keep heading up and back inside the caves. Once you've found the skeleton with the "NO QUARTER FOR THIEVES" graffiti go down the shale slope and do the familiar slide 'n' jump to the handholds on the other side. Climb all the way up and run to the back wall (through ankle deep water) to some barrels and boxes with the spyglass on them.

68. spy glass

69. Dress Dirk

Once you've had your first encounter with some Shoreline guys in the jungle, and have swung out of that arena into the little leafy mini maze, stick left until you come to a flat area you can climb on (it's fairly obvious in context). Here you can find the body of Burnes' first mate. On his left is another cave you can vault into; follow that left and jump over a branch in your path. At the end here is the dress dirk (we assume this is a dirk for special occasions).

69. dress dirk (1)

70. Frechen Bearded Bottle

After you lift up a crate and crawl under the floorboards of a building you'll run up some collapsed floorboards and continue crawling. As you come around there's an opening in the wall in front of you to a fairly intact room. Drop down into it, then through the broken floor on the left side of the room. Crawl over to the opposite end under the floor here until you can stand. The treasure here is on the crate on the right side.

70. frechen bearded bottle

Treasure in Chapter 14 of Uncharted 4

71. Carved Horn Bird Sculpture

Ah, Libertalia. From where you're standing look to the wall on your right and behind you. There's a window that you can jump up to and through. Go forwards and around on this level to the hand card, which has the treasure on the bottom end of it.

71. carved horn bird

72. Mughal Vase

Follow the main street of the libertalia commercial district and take the first right after the blacksmiths. On your left is a combined shop/home. In the back pantry of the shop on the ground floor is the treasure (the pantry is left of the shop counter).

72. mughal vase

73. Ancient Stone Pot

To the right of the statue of Avery in Libertalia are some stocks, and the building behind them is a jail. Go into the last cell and through the broken bars to the middle cell to grab the pot. Do not speculate as to what a stone pot in a jail cell would have been used for. Maybe pause to consider that Nate is now literally dragging around a shaped rock.

73. ancient stone pot

74. Painted Copper Bottle

After you've taken the ladder up to the second level in the secret tunnels under Libertalia the tunnel forks. Take the right hand one to a dead end of collapsed beams. Voila, the painted copper bottle.

74. painted copper bottle

79. Mughal Jade Bottle

After the first time you fight a bunch of the Shoreline mugs in Libertalia, jump into the end house to exit the fight arena, and go through into a room of the house that has the entire front wall missing. Before jumping to the next building turn and climb up to where the upper floor would have been. There's still a remnant of it left in the corner by the doorway with the little twinkle of treasure on it.

79. mughal jade bottle

These rest of the treasures in this level are the gap between the jade bottle and the copper bottle, but they're found after them in the level and in a weird order. Go figure. We've kept the numbers in the order they are in the treasure list in game, but they come in the order that you can find them.

76. Slipjoint Claspknife

As you get closer to the big admin building you have to swing around a different building to get to it. After you've swung round to the left, look around the side of the building to the right. There's another grapple point that you can use to swing round to the front of the tower, but you need to do a leap of faith before you can grapple it. By doing this you can get inside the tower by virtue of the outwards facing wall not being there any more. The treasure is on the crate by the edge. Unclear how this knife is related to or different from the Slipjoint Clasp Knife found in Scotland.

76. slipjoint claspknife

77. Large Bronze Boar

After swinging under the chandeliers along the side of the admin building, move along the ledge to the left and through the open door into a large office room. There's a desk on the right hand side with the treasure on it.

77. large bronze boar

75. Stout Vase

In the entrance room of the admin building take the staircase up and around to the left. The vase is on the desk at the end of this level, next to the bust of a stern looking woman.

75. stout vase

78. Mughal Serving Vase

At the scene of the Pirates of Penzance meets Les Miserables siege in the admin building courtyard, hug the right hand balustrade. There's a knocked over chair near the end and the serving vase is, for some reason, on top of it.

78. mughal serving vase

Treasure in Chapter 15 of Uncharted 4

80. Emerald Flask

To the left of the treasury doors is a bookshelf that has fallen against some more shelves and formed a little alcove. Under here is your treasure. It's a tight fit.

80. emerald flask

Treasure in Chapter 16 of Uncharted 4

81. Toy Soldier

On the right side of the driveway is a fountain, surrounded by lights. Just off from this, on the side closest to the house, is a bench with the toy soldier on it. Isn't it lovely that young Nate thought of toys as treasure? And then he grew up and started collecting used mugs and old knives.

81. toy soldier

82. Toy Seaplane

It the room with all the sarcophagi in there's a short flight of stairs on the right that lead to a locked door. But the seaplane is also at the top of them.

82. toy seaplane

83. Pirate Snowglobe

After Sam gives you a boost onto the bookshelf in the study, and you jump up to the ledge formed by the wood panelling, you can jump behind you to the mezzanine level of the study. The snowglobe is on the pink sofa at the other end.

83. pirate snowglobe

Treasure in Chapter 17 of Uncharted 4

84. Mughal Flared Vase

As you and Elena start your trek towards the jeep you will a) start getting prompts for optional conversations where she will say pointed things in a meaningful voice about having to fly over and save your narrow ass, and b) slosh up stream. After you've given her a boost and she drops the ladder for you, turn left to overlook the shallow waterfall you just huffed it up. The vase is on the left at the edge of the drop.

84. mughal flared vase

85. Mughal Hinged Box

During your trek through the jungle with Elena towards the jeep you'll run across a short wooden bridge and will probably see the treasure glinting on the other side, but the bridge breaks almost immediately and you end up having to swing and climb your way around to the top. Once you get to the top you and Elena take out a couple of Shoreline goons, and then you can cross over and drop back down to the other side of the bridge for the box, which seems like it might not be worth the effort.

85. mughal hinged box

86. Jade Serving Bowl

Once Elena has pulled down half of the lift building with the jeep and winch you can climb into it. Go out of the doorway on the left and you'll be on a balcony. The treasure is on the box on the left side.

86. jade serving bowl

87. Ancient Stone Bowl

Swear to god, Nate has more of these than he needs. Watch Elena run several men over out of the lift, then run straight across behind said jeep and follow the cliff edge around to a couple of boxes and the stone bowl Nate finds immeasurably valuable.

87. ancient stone bowl

88. Pewter Incense Burner

After driving the jeep through the sluice gates and making the jump, stick to the right side of the track until you see a short ladder on a ledge on the right. Go up this and follow the ledge right to reach the old lift keeper's house. Go through it and out to the back to find the incense burner.

88. pewter incense burner

89. 18th Century Combination Lock

At the foot of the next lift is a mill house driving it. The combination lock, for reasons lost to time, is on the end of the rotating gear mechanism.

89. 18th century

Treasure in Chapter 18 of Uncharted 4

90. Mughal Stout Vase

Your arrival at New Devon is marked by stumbling into a swamp full of gibbets and brutally impaled skeletons. As landmarks for directions go, it's a pretty good one. Go into the far left corner of the swamp area to find the treasure.

90. mughal stout vase

91. Small Mughal Dagger

You can climb onto the gibbets outside New Devon from the stone pillar into the middle (which is how you can climb onto the gates of the settlement). From the first gibbet you jump to, jump to the next one on your right rather than the one in front, and then to the third one back. Climb down onto the actual dead body bit for the dagger.

91. small mughal dagger

92. Mughal Candle Holder

Once you're behind New Devon's walls and have dropped into the lagoon from the angel statues, go to the left corner of the gate wall, where it meets the rock. There's a small arched alcove here. With a candle holder. As you'd expect.

92. mughal candle holder

93. Mughal Circular Box

Once you've gotten to Founder Want's garden (you'll know because there's a river, deep river, which is running through it, and also a hanged woman, who is not running anywhere) jump/swim across to the other side of the water and then into to the corner where the ground meets the bottom of the waterfall. The treasure is on the edge here.

93. mughal circular box

94. Mughal Headdress

Once you've fallen/slid through Want's house and are back in the water you'll see another manor on the other side to cut through. Dive down in front of the broken windows at the waterline, and swim down slightly to the left. Pick up a swish new hat. It's all been worth it.

94. mughal headdress

95. Spanish Brass Chalice

Once you're in the manor, which seems to be Baldridge's, climb up to the next floor. Go through a bedroom to a room with square pillars down the centre (if you reach the study with the fireplace you've gone too far) and hook left into the side which is sloping up due to the collapse of the house. There are a lot of sofas in it; the one at the far end has the treasure behind it.

95. spanish brass chalice

96. Mughal Painted Elephant

Once you've made it up to Avery's manor go left around to a canon. The ledge on the right wall here has the painted elephant.

96. mughal painted elephant

97. Mughal Dinnerware

In Avery's study go up the spiral stairs and around the walkway. You'd have thought a bit of dinnerware would be best kept in a kitchen or dining room, but who are we to question the methods of a mad pirate king?

97. mughal dinnerware

Treasure in Chapter 19 of Uncharted 4

98. Ancient Stone Vessel

After stumbling through a lot of proximity exploding-mummy mines, you'll slide down a slope into another room full of mummy mines. After avoiding all of them there's a mummy right hand corner of the room that won't explode and you can interact with it to examine it. Next to said mummy is a set of stairs going down, and at the bottom is your ancient bit of stone. Yep, another one.

98. ancient stone vessel

99. Mughal Decorative Cudgel

As you get near the end of Avery's mad Saw-esque tunnels you'll run into a creepy triple-skull-faced-mermaids statue. Right is the exit from the caves; left will take you around to a short tunnel with some barrels at one end. The decorative cudgel is on top of one of those, because who says hitting people on the head can't be functional and beautiful.

99. mughal decorative

Treasure in Chapter 20 of Uncharted 4

100. Jade Flower Pendant

After the cutscene where Elena pretends to be dead for hilarious bants move forwards, sticking to the right hand side, and climb up and out. Nate will be all "It's a ship graveyard!" which is your cue to run around to the right, sort of looping back on yourself but one level up. Drop down, then climb up onto the ledge opposite. From there you can make a jump back again, crossing over yourself once more, onto another ledge a bit higher up. This requires timing your jump well and using the piton. Once you're on top of the ledge you should be able to spot the treasure no problem.

100. jade flower pendant

101. Stoneware Bearded Jug

After you meet up with Sully and have a big talk with Sam about giving up on the treasure, go down into the port town and left at the bottom of the stairs. There's a building you can go in with the treasure inside on the left.

101. stoneware bearded jug

102. Stout Jade Vase

Once sully has pointed out his plane, turn around and you should see a house with blue shutters on the right. If you walk up to it whilst staying in the water you can get under it where there's a hole in the floor. Get the angle right and you can jump up inside; the vase is on the table on the right. The jump in might take a couple of goes, but it can be done.

102. stout jade vase

103. Painted Spouted Vase

After Sam runs off follow the others up the hill but turn right, into the first house you can get into, and go up the stairs. The treasure is on the remains of the upper floor, on a chest of drawers on the side.

103. stout jade vase

104. Mughal Perfume Bottle

Once you, Sully, and Elena make it to a more open square, with another statue of Avery, face the the statue and turn left. There's a house with a missing corner where you can get through the wall, and the treasure is opposite where you climb through.

104. mughal perfume bottle

Treasure in Chapter 21 of Uncharted 4

105. Mughal Enamel Bird

When you first spot Sam's footprints swing from the grapple point, but turn and swing behind you, back towards where you swung from. There's a higher ledge that you can grab, and the treasure is in the corner by the tree here.

105. mughal enamel bird

106. Stone Vase

After falling from the wooden bridge and doing the ole' slide and swing again, you'll come out of some low tunnels into a cave with water at the bottom that's half open to the sky. The vase is in a broken crate on the far wall opposite where you come in.

106. stone vase

107. Strange Fruit

When you've lowered yourself down on your rope and you can see Avery's ship all the way below you, keep slide down your rope as far as you can. On your left will be some rough rock on the cliff to use your piton with. Above and in front of you is a small handhold. Swing to that instead and you can jump to it, and get inside a small tunnel with the strange fruit. Collecting this along with the Strange Relic and Strange Pendant gives you the Relic Finder trophy.

107. strange fruit

108. Rajasthan Box

After you fall into the lagoon from sliding down a bunch of slopes, swim left and behind you, around onto a rock slope. The box is hiding in the shadows.

108. rajasthan box

Treasure in Chapter 22 of Uncharted 4

109. Mughal Egg Pendant

After the cutscene ends swim towards the ship, but not too fast because if you trigger the explosion on the ship you, for some reason, can no longer dive under water. Keep an eye out for a big flat slab of rock close to the surface, on your right. Under here is a little cave, with the egg pendant in it.

109. mughal egg pendant (1)

Congratulations, you have now picked up all 109 pieces of hidden treasure in Uncharted 4! Sadly this does not equate to anything of value in real life.

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