The console war is fought everywhere these days, but the internet seems to be where people are most vocal. It also serves to give each console its own set of downloadable content, fuelling the war even more. Each week we'll give you a run-down of what's available to download on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii, and declare a winner.

Note: This round-up is based on UK releases to each console's online service. Releases outside of the UK could vary.

PlayStation 3 - PSN


It's been a very busy week for Sony, with two content updates - the first as part of PlayStation Day - ensuring gamers have plenty of new content to enjoy on the PlayStation Store.

It's clearly the demos that have the most appeal, with GRID and Haze well worth a download. SEGA's Condemned 2 demo also finally makes an appearance on the Euro store.

There's also new game content for GH3, Army of Two and High Velocity Bowling, plus new release PSN titles, Blast Factor Advanced, High Velocity Bowling and Street Skater.

The store has also been bombarded with trailers and video footage from the aforementioned PlayStation Day, most of which is worth a look.


Blast Factor Advanced: £4.99

High Velocity Bowling: £4.99

Street Skater: £3.49


Race Driver: GRID: Free

Haze: Free

Condemned 2: Free


Guitar Hero III "Def Leppard" Track Pack: £3.99

Guitar Hero III "Muse" Track Pack: £3.99

Army of Two "SSC Challenge" game pack: £3.99

High Velocity Bowling Character - Mike: £0.60


Mirror's Edge Gameplay trailer: Free

PlayStation Day "Introduction: Kaz Hirai" video: Free

PlayStation Day "Play has no limitations" video: Free

PlayStation Day "Play is hiding and waiting" video: Free

PlayStation Day "Play is full throttle" video: Free

PlayStation Day "Play is a thousand stories" video: Free

PlayStation Day "Play brings us together" video: Free

PlayStation Day "Play is moving hips, lips" video: Free

PlayStation Day "Play is unexplored" video: Free

PlayStation Day "Summary: Play" video: Free

PlayStation Day Compilation Trailer: Free

PlayStation Network PS Day Showcase: Free

Buzz! Quiz TV: Free

Secret Agent Clank: Free

Siren Blood Curse: Free

Head to page 2 for a look at this week's Xbox 360 Marketplace releases.

Xbox 360 - Marketplace


The Xbox LIVE Marketplace update is slightly lacking this week, with only the Race Driver: GRID demo and XBLA title Wits & Wagers to get excited about. If you find yourself loving Wits & Wagers - quite unlikely - then you might also want to splash some MS Points on a Wits & Wagers Picture Pack.


Wits & Wagers: 800 MS Points


Race Driver: GRID: Free


CP3TV Ep 13: Inside a Jordan Brand Commercial: Free

Themes and Pictures

Wits & Wagers - Picture Pack 1: 100 MS Points

Wits & Wagers - Picture Pack 2: 100 MS Points

Wits & Wagers - Picture Pack 3: 100 MS Points

Head to page 3 for a look at this week's Wii Virtual Console releases.

Wii Virtual Console


The second week of the Hanabi Festival sees the release of four new titles previously unavailable in Europe. The selection includes the SEGA Mega Drive puzzle game Puyo Puyo 2, the Turbografx pool game Break In, quirky side-scrolling shmup Cho Aniki and the NEO GEO classic Metal Slug. As with last week's new releases, the titles from the Hanabi Festival are priced higher than standard releases which might deter potential buyers. Metal Slug is certainly well worth owning, but the low-priced Metal Slug Anthology, which includes all the games in the series, might be the better option.

Virtual Console releases

Puyo Puyo 2: 900 Wii Points

Break In: 700 Wii Points

Cho Aniki: 900 Wii Points

Metal Slug: 900 Wii Points

And the winner of this week's DLC Royal Rumble is...

PS3 - PlayStation Store

With its strongest week for quite some time, the PlayStation Store is the easy winner. Three game demos, three PSN titles and a selection of worthwhile videos should provide hours of entertainment for PS3 gamers. The same can't be said for the Xbox 360. While the four new titles for the Virtual Console are new to the UK, their appeal to UK gamers is likely to be highly limited.