3D gaming hasn't exactly taken off in the way some expected. On consoles it currently feels like a gimmick that in many cases makes the gaming experience worse, due to lower image resolutions and slower frame rates. Yes, it's fairly cool to have some of the biggest games on consoles being available to play in 3D (Black Ops, Uncharted 3, GT5, Killzone 3 etc), but the trade off just isn't worth it. And that's where the PC comes in.

PCs are now far more powerful than the current generation of consoles and therefore have the horsepower required to not only run today's top games flawlessly, but also render them in 3D without having to run at under 20 frames per second. We set up a gaming rig, complete with an Nvidia graphics card, enabled the company's 3D Vision technology and had the option to play over 400 games in 3D. Sure, some titles work a lot better than others, which is why we've put together this collection of the best 3D games - you could also check out the official list of supported titles.

Batman: Arkham Asylum


On console Batman's brutal adventure could be played in 3D using a pair of fairly basic glasses thanks to TriOviz 3D technology. We tried it out and it was ok, but nothing great. On PC, using Nvidia 3D vision it's a completely different story. The game is one of the best currently available to play in 3D, with characters popping out of the screen and scenes having a great sense of depth.

Call of Duty: Black Ops


While Black Ops isn't one of the most technically brilliant games available on PC, it's one of the biggest games of all time and runs far better in 3D on PC than on consoles. On the consoles you lose the smooth frame rate the series has become known for, whereas that isn't compromised on a PC.

Just Cause 2


Just Cause is a slightly smaller franchise than some of the others on this list, but Just Cause 2 has the best 3D we've seen. The huge open world comes alive when played in 3D and Rico's aerial stunts look amazing. It helps that the PC game looks significantly prettier than its console counterparts, so you're getting the best possible experience on PC.

Portal 2


Portal 2 is probably the least impressive game visually on this list, but the added depth offered when played in 3D certainly makes the game world feel more realistic. The lack of all-out action and explosions means this isn't going to wow anyone, but the sense of being in that world is definitely enhanced.

Resident Evil 5


Loved by some, hated by others, Resident Evil 5 is somewhat of a Marmite game. What shouldn't be so divisive is the game's use of 3D. Capcom's action horror title already looked the part on PC, but in 3D the game's hugely diverse locations draw you in. The game's more explosive sequences certainly feel more exciting.

Far Cry 2


This one's in because of its heavy use of wooded areas, which really do look great in 3D. It's also a game that looks leagues better on the PC than it does on consoles. The more generic town areas don't look nearly as nice, and the game as a whole can be quite frustrating, but Far Cry 2 is worth playing for the trees alone.

StarCraft II


This might seem like an odd choice, but StarCraft II looks great in 3D. We're going to stop short of saying "it's like a table-top game come to life" as has been said online, but the Blizzard RTS shows that it's not just action games that benefit from 3D technology.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2


If this is a sign of what we're in store for with Battlefield 3 in 3D, PC gamers are going to be in for a treat later in the year. DICE's game already looked brilliant on a decent spec PC, and in 3D the game feels even more explosive and exhilarating. Show this to your console-owning friends and watch them weep.

Crysis 2


The PC version of Crysis 2 not only looks hugely superior to the console versions, but you can play it in 3D without the game turning into a slideshow. Crysis 2 doesn't quite have the same 'pop' in 3D as some of the other games on this list, but the extra depth in each scene adds to the realism of the game world.