Black Friday PS4 deals 2022

Black Friday PS4 deals 2022
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Coming in just a few days time, Black Friday PS4 deals are a chance to get this excellent console for an unbelievably low price. Now that the next generation of PlayStation has been out for a while, the discounts could be huge.

Many will be hoping to snag the newer, albeit more powerful console which you can grab via these Black Friday PS5 deals. However, you can be certain that the Black Friday PS4 deals will be where the biggest bargains lie, as retailers look to shift the last of their stock.

This article has you covered for all your PS4 needs, including games like the new Modern Warfare 2 and headsets, controllers to go with it, as well as the console itself. So come one, come all and revel in the beauty of this sale bonanza.

There has been some news of Black Friday sales going down lately, which might make you worry the PS4 deals won’t be as juicy as you might expect, but fear not. The truth is while sales may be down due to the cost of living crisis, the deals will not be effected, especially online and in the US – all the more reason to save money from the comfort of your own home!

If you get you’re hands on a PlayStation 4 this Black Friday, you’ll even be able to get in on the PSVR action. The headsets are compatible with both the PS4 and PS5, if you need a hand getting it all set up, you can check out PlayStation’s guide on how to do it here.

We also got a handy guide on the best PSVR Black Friday deals you can check out.

While you’re on the market for a Black Friday PS4 deal, you might consider getting the best TV for PlayStation, which will greatly improve your experience with the console.

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Best Black Friday PlayStation 4 deals US 2022

Check out our hand picked Black Friday PS4 deals. We’ve got a little bit of everything here, consoles, controllers, games and more. While the products may vary, the quality of deal doesn’t. We think they’ll be something here for you.

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Best Black Friday PlayStation 4 deals UK 2022

If you’re looking for the best Black Friday PS4 deals you’re in the right place. Our team of tech whizzes have had their bargain hunting goggles practically glued to their face, looking at at all the deals on offer and hand picking the best ones.

Where to find the best PlayStation 4 Black Friday deals

There’s no shortage of choice for where to find Black Friday PS4 deals – every retailer and their dog are looking to get a slice of the discount pie. With all this competition, finding the best deals can be a time consuming endeavour.

To help you out we’ve put together the retailer’s sites that we think are worth spending the most time on. These are companies known for having the biggest Black Friday discounts.

  1. Amazon (US): Daily deals on PS4 consoles, games, and accessories
  2. Best Buy (US): Black Friday discounts on Playstation products live now
  3. Green Man Gaming (US): Regular deals on the biggest PS4 games
  4. Amazon (UK): Daily discounts on all PS4 games, accessories and consoles
  5. Green Man Gaming (UK)Regular deals on all the best PS4 games

Is a PS4 worth it on Black Friday?

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Like a fine wine or a blue cheese, certain things get better with age. The PS4 is like 24 month aged pecorino – and that’s still bloody good.

Though the PS5 steals all of the headlines these days – the PS4 is quietly churning out quality performances.

Certainly still able to stand up for itself as a core piece of furniture in houses across the world – it seems the PS4 is eternal. So yes – it’s worth buying this Black Friday.

When will PlayStation 4 Black Friday sales start in 2022?

As is tradition, Black Friday is falling on the First Friday after Thanksgiving. That makes the day of the discount disco November 25th, this year.

Another Black Friday tradition, however, is for retailers to start offering their discounts early. Everyone is constantly trying to one up everyone else, meaning great PS4 deals have already started popping up all over the shop, with just a small number of days to go before the big Friday.

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How to get the best Black Friday PlayStation 4 deals in 2022?

The task of finding the best Black Friday deals can often seem a tiresome one. Squinting your eyes at hyperlink at hyperlink is hardly anyone’s dream afternoon activity.

While a certain amount of this simply can’t be avoided, we’ve done our best to minimise it for you. With the combination of our handpicked list of deals, as well as our short list of the best retailers we’ve got you covered on all sides.

We’ll be regularly updating this article so keep it saved and return again and again to stay in the loop for the best Black Friday PS4 deals.

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Features to consider when looking for Black Friday PlayStation 4 deals

We’ve highlighted a few key features we think its worth considering when looking at Black Friday PS4 deals. These are backwards compatibility, and PlayStation Plus.

Backwards compatibility

Backwards compatibility is the ability for newer generation consoles to play games made for their predecessors. For the PS4 this would mean having the ability to play your PS3 games.

However, Sony opted not to include this function. If you were hoping to get your hands on a PS4 and take a trip down memory lane, playing your old copy of Little Big Planet, I’m afraid you’re going to have to think again.

PlayStation Plus

PS Plus is the annual subscription service necessary to play games online with other users. It costs $60/year and it pretty much essential, if you want to get the most out of your PS4 games.

Other Black Friday pages

The Black Friday period offers savings on a vast array of electronics and home goods, not just PS4s. We’ve covered deals on just about everything you can imagine this Black Friday. Here’s just a small selection of the coverage.

Black Friday PlayStation 4 FAQs

Can PS4 play with PS5 FIFA 23?

Yes- FIFA 23 has cross compatibility, meaning not only can you play against PS5 players on the PS4, but also Xbox, Stadia and PC players.

Is PS4 60fps?

Yes – all PS4s are capable of 60fps gameplay, though if you want to ensure 60fps consistently, you should go for the PS4 Pro.

Will the PS4 be cheaper for Black Friday?

While many big retailers are no longer listing brand new PS4s there are plenty of renewed or second hand consoles out there, many of which will be discounted for Black Friday, on sites such as Amazon and Best Buy.