Black Friday monitor deals 2022 (Ultrawide, 4K, OLED & more)

Black Friday monitor deals 2022 (Ultrawide, 4K, OLED & more)
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Black Friday is only a few weeks away so we’re already starting to see tasty little deals come through ahead of the year’s most audacious sales event.

With big brands such as ASUS, LG, Samsung, Acer, AOC, Gigabyte, and more all launching new monitors this year, we’re expecting some see some crazy deals on last year’s best-selling monitors.

Whether you’re looking for a 4K 144Hz gaming display for your PS5 or Xbox Series X, a new ultrawide gaming monitor for all-round usage, or a speedy 360Hz panel for competitive gaming, Black Friday will likely have a deal that suits your exact needs.

In this guide, we’ll be scouring the web to bring you only the best Black Friday monitor deals come the end of November.

We’ll also be taking a look back at 2021 to try and speculate what deals might be on offer this time around.

Best Black Friday monitor deals US

Like every year, we’ll be focusing most of our energy on bringing you the best gaming monitor deals come Black Friday.

With that in mind, below are the best monitor deals available right now:

Best Black Friday monitor deals UK

If you’re in the UK – here’s what we think are the best deals on monitors you can find.

Where to find the best Black Friday monitor deals

Being one of the biggest sales events of the year, it’s no surprise to see every retailer on the web pushing deals.

But where can you find the best Black Friday monitor deals?

Below we have listed all the major retailers that we think are worth your consideration around this time of year:

  1. SamsungBig savings on Samsung’s best monitors, TVs, Tablets, and phones
  2. Best BuyBig discounts on the market’s leading monitors
  3. DellBig offers on Alienware displays
  4. AmazonBig savings on TVs, monitors, and more
  5. Crutchfield: Save big on monitors and TVs
  6. EbuyerHundreds off leading monitor brands

When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday will fall on the 25th of November, 2022.

Like every year, deals began to go live at the start of November – with high-ticket items seeing large discounts across all major product lines.

As we get closer to the official Black Friday event, deals will likely ramp up and the best monitor Black Friday deals will be saved for the day itself.

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How to get the best Black Friday monitor deals in 2022?

We strongly recommend visiting our recommended retailer shortlist and having a browse through the different tech websites. We say this because we think you should have your own, pure and unadulterated opinion of the current Monitor market. Understanding prices and specs is crucial to finding your own Black Friday deals.

After you scroll through the different pages – which, we admit, is a boring task – we then suggest that you return here to see the different deals and bargains Black Friday has to offer.

We’ll be updating this page regularly, so if you keep it pinned we can give you the best deals when they arrive.

Features to consider when looking for a Black Friday monitor deal

There’s a few features that we think are paramount when deciding on a new gaming monitor – HDMI 2.1, Variable Refresh Rate, and Refresh Rate.

When in the market for a new Black Friday monitor deal, you’ll want ensure that whatever you choose fits your requirements – and you can judge this by evaluating what specs you need.

HDMI 2.1 – The latest HDMI interface allows for increased bandwidth and high capacity data transfer. You want to prioritise this if you plan to game in 4K and at 120Hz.

Variable Refresh Rate – VRR allows you to plug in any device and play games at any reasonable frame-rate. It stabilises the FPS and prevents screen-tearing and any unwanted visual artefacts.

Refresh Rate – Your refresh rate relates to what FPS you game at. You want a new monitor above 120Hz as this is the standard for competitive gaming. You also have the options of 144Hz, 240Hz, and 360Hz. You want to choose a monitor that best meets your demands, so competitive gamers and intense content creators might want to choose the highest possible refresh rate, whereas the casual gamer will be content with 60Hz or 120Hz.

Black Friday Monitor FAQs

What is a 4K monitor?

A 4K monitor is an UHD screen capable of displaying 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution.

How long do Black Friday monitor deals last?

If we include early monitor deals at the start of November, Black Friday deals will run for the entirety of November. The show will come to a close when Cyber Monday launches – on the Monday directly after Black Friday. Like always, there will be some spill-over of deals in December as we lead up to Christmas, but they will likely be part of a big Christmas push.

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