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Black Friday iPhone 14 deals (2022)

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As we move through November you may be able to secure some Black Friday iPhone 14 deals, if we have anything to do with it.

Unfortunately though, a reported COVID outbreak in Apple’s Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, China has led to supply issues that will likely last through till Christmas. What this means for us is that iPhone 13 is looking like the best alternative amongst some of Apple’s other models.

Only coming out in early September, the iPhone 14 made a bit of splash, especially with Apple’s decision to keep the starting prices at $799. The iPhone 13 is currently retailing for around the same price on Amazon and Best Buy, whereas products such as Airpods and Apple Watch Series 8 are also seeing healthy Black Friday deals

If you’ve got your wits about you, the Black Friday period is coming at a convenient time to secure a juicy deal on alternate products to the iPhone 14, so let’s get stuck in with the best deals we’ve gathered so far across US and UK retailers.


Aside from the iPhone 14, we’ve also had a look for the best Black Friday iPhone 14 Pro, Black Friday iPhone 14 Plus deals, and Black Friday iPhone 14 Pro Max deals so you have the best chance of getting a cheap iPhone this Black Friday.

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Best Black Friday iPhone 14 deals US 2022

iPhone deals are currently sparse for Black Friday so we’ve listed popular products which will likely be become discounted/ We’ve found that tech retailers like to get the ball rolling early, which means between now and November 25th, you can expect a lot more deals to be added to this page.

  1. Apple iPhone 13, 128GB, Blue – $674
  2. Apple iPhone 13, 256GB, Pink – $739
  3. Apple iPhone 13, 256GB, Starlight – was $759 now $724
  4. Apple iPhone 13, 256GB, Red – was $750 now $700
  5. Apple iPhone 13, 256GB, Midnight – was $748 now $700
  6. Apple iPhone 13, 512GB, Blue – $835

Best Black Friday iPhone 14 deals UK 2022

Once again, we can only dream for the iPhone 14 deals to drop, but with supply issues the way they are, we’ve collated some of the best iPhone 13 deals we could find instead. Between now and Black Friday we’re hoping to see more deals drop, so keep an eye on this section to secure the ideal deal for your next iPhone.

  1. Apple iPhone 13 Mini, 128GB, Blue – was £649 now £526
  2. Apple iPhone 13 Mini, 128GB, Midnight – was £649 now £593
  3. Apple iPhone 13 Mini, 128GB, Pink – was £649 now £584
  4. Apple iPhone 13 13 Mini, 128GB – was £639 now £517
  5. Apple iPhone 13, 256GB, Starlight – was £859 now £829
  6. Apple iPhone 13, 512GB, Red – was £1079 now £998

Where to find the best iPhone 14 Black Friday deals?

Stock is seriously up in the air for iPhone 14 sales and chances are you won’t be closely monitoring the situation. The tech team here at Videogamer is though, meaning we’ll be amongst the first to hear if stock returns to normal levels for iPhone 14. In the meantime, there are a healthy handful of deals floating about for iPhone 13, so if you’re not set on the latest and greatest and want a good discount, the iPhone 13 is where it’s at.

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That being said, see for yourself and have a browse through our recommended retailers list who will definitely be selling the iPhone 14 once it’s back in stock:

  1. Amazon US: Daily deals on top Apple products
  2. Best Buy: Discounts now available on iPhone 13 and more
  3. Newegg: iPhone 13 deals and more readily available
  4. Ebuyer: Top deals for Apple products
  5. Currys UK: iPhone 14 currently available

When will iPhone 14 Black Friday sales start in 2022?

Due to Apple’s stock issues in China, it’s unlikely that we’ll see the usual discounts we’d expect to see for a newly released Apple product. The iPhone 13 is barely a year old though, and we’re already seeing some Black Friday sales popping up which will only increase.

Black Friday this year falls on November 25th and will last through the weekend until Cyber Monday which is on November 27th, but as you can see, the deals are already live for lots of Apple’s iPhones, even if we have to wait on the iPhone 14.

How to get the best Black Friday iPhone 14 deals in 2022?

We think the surest method of securing the best Black Friday iPhone 14 deal is to keep an eye on this page. If Apple’s stock levels resolve themselves in time for Black Friday we’ll be one of the first to hear about it. Rest assured, we’ll be updating this page accordingly.

In the meantime, start browsing through our recommended retailers list to see what’s out there in the way of Black Friday deals.

Will there be iPhone 14 Black Friday deals this year?

It seems unlikely we’ll see many iPhone 14 Black Friday deals this year due to the health and safety concerns surrounding their manufacturing plant in Zhengzhou.

It’s likely that this will have a knock on effect on the rest of the Black Friday Apple deals we hope to see this year – though with a company as huge as Apple it’s not certain what their play will be this year.

Features to consider when looking for a Black Friday iPhone 14 deal

This section will be weigh up the features that are useful to consider between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 so you can decide whether it’s best to wait for stocks to return to normal levels, or bag yourself the iPhone 13.

Battery Life

We’re all demanding longer battery lives for our increasingly digital lives. The iPhone 14 only trumps the iPhone 13 by one hour, lasting for 20 hours of video playback vs 19 hours for the 13.


If you like taking selfies, or rather just facetiming is important to you, you’ll find the iPhone 14 trumps the iPhone 13 in camera quality. Whilst the front camera may have seen some significant improvements though, the difference between the iPhone 14 and 13 are minor and much less noticeable.


Naturally, the iPhone 14 costs more, £100 to be exact, than the iPhone 13 despite no groundbreaking differences between the models.

Black Friday iPhone 14 FAQs

Will iPhone 14 be in the Black Friday sale?

The all-important question rests on how quickly Apple’s factory in Zhengzhou recovers from its reported COVID outbreak. For now, iPhone 14s are very limited stock meanings its unlikely we’ll see them on sale until the end of November.

What’s new with the iPhone 14?

Lots of small things are new without any significant changes between the iPhone 13 and 14. Both use the same Apple A15 bionic chip, meaning their performances are both very high and the iPhone 14 only has an extra one hour of battery life more than the 13.

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