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Black Friday Google Pixel Watch deals 2022

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With the tech giant finally releasing its long awaited smart watch, we’re here to bring you the best Black Friday Google Pixel Watch deals.

The tech giant may not have a great history with wearable tech, having not released any since the dubious Google Glass. However, that all changes with the Google Pixel Watch.

The watch has been getting consistently good reviews and the company have capitalised on their purchase of Fitbit in 2019, fully integrating the fitness technology into the watch. This means you can get a Fitbit and a smart watch all in one neat package.

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Best Black Friday Google Pixel Watch deals US 2022

We expect the Black Friday Google Pixel Watch deals to be unveiled on November 17th, meaning that we can’t bring you any deals just yet. To make up for this, we’ve handpicked some of the best Black Friday deals on smart watches and other Google tech, that are live right now.

Best Black Friday Google Pixel Watch deals UK 2022

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until the 17th of November to see Black Friday deals on the Google Pixel Watch itself, but, in the mean time there’s plenty of Black Friday goodness to get involved with. We’ve got a selection here of handpicked deals on smart watches and Google devices. Get stuck in.


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Is Google offering a Black Friday deal on the Pixel Watch?

Google have hinted that they will be offering a Black Friday Google Pixel watch deal, knocking $50 off the brand new device. The hint came in the form of a sponsored ad from Google describing a ‘Black Friday sneak peek’, which included a $50 reduction of the Google Pixel Watch. Bringing the price down to $299.

While we can’t be certain they won’t change their mind on this deal, it does show they are seriously considering a Black Friday Pixel watch deal. We can be pretty sure that, if they do offer it, we’ll see a similar discount on the UK price,. As soon as we know anything concrete we will update this article.

Where to find the best Google Pixel Watch Black Friday deals?

Google have tantalisingly hinted that they’d be knocking down the price of the Google Pixel Watch for Black Friday.

If they do, you can be sure the big retailers will be matching this discount, while offering other great Black Friday deals on tech of all varieties. We’ve got a shortlist here of some of the online retailers, famed for their Black Friday price slashing.

We’re confident they’ll be offering Black Friday Google Pixel Watch deals sooner rather than later. Keep checking back to this article to know when they do.

When will Black Friday Google Pixel Watch sales start in 2022?

Black Friday culminates on November 25th. Its then that we’ll see the most staggering deals on offer but that hasn’t stopped the big retailers from starting the discount disco early.

Not only are we seeing Black Friday deals starting to pop up on all the sites listed above, Google itself has hinted it Pixel Watch deal will start on November 17th. If you want to make sure you’re in the loop, when it comes to Black Friday Google Pixel Watch deals, then keep this article bookmarked.

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Features to consider when looking for a Black Friday Google Pixel Watch deal

The Google Pixel Watch comes packed with features, many of them unique. Here are some of the ones you might want to consider when looking at Black Friday deals.

Fitbit integration

The Google Pixel Watch is almost fully integrated with Fitbit technology. This means you’ll get access to Fitbit’s most accurate heart rate tracking technology, as well as sleep stage tracking, and emergency fall detection.

Google Integration

The Pixel Watch is fully integrating within the Google ecosystem. You can set up and switch between other Pixel devices with ease, as well as having access to you google smart home deceives. If you’re already stocked up on other Google tech, its worth considering integrating the Pixel Watch into your daily life.

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Don’t let yourself get buried beneath the wave of Black Friday deals coming your way. We’ve filtered through the job lot, and found you the deals worth paying attention to.

Black Friday Google Pixel Watch FAQs

Is Google Pixel Watch waterproof?

The Google Pixel Watch is water resistant up to 50m, but not fully waterproof.

Google Pixel Watch battery life

The Google Pixel Watch has enough battery life to last day-to-day. It lasts around 25 hours between charges, taking just under 80 minutes to reach full charge. However, the battery life is shorter if you make extensive use of the exercise tracking features.