Black Friday Garmin deals 2022

Black Friday Garmin deals 2022
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These Black Friday Garmin deals are definitely ones to watch.

Garmin watches are renowned around the world for their quality, durability and style. Their smart watch range is an industry leader for sports and health tracking, catering to everyone from elite ultra-runners, to those just getting into fitness.

Here’s our best picks for Black Friday Garmin deals, for UK deals please scroll further down

Garmin technology is always developing, making their watches an even more savvy purchase, as they guarantee at least two years of security updates and often support their devices for even longer.

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Best Black Friday Garmin deals US 2022

Here is the VG’s handpicked list of Black Friday Gamin deals. We’ve tried to bring you deals on a breadth of Garmin watches, meaning you should be able to find the one you want at a discounted price.

Best Black Friday Garmin deals UK 2022

We’ve hand selected these Black Friday Garmin deals based on finding the biggest deals from the most reputable vendors. We’ve tried to pick a variety of products to ensure there is a watch you want, for a price you want.

Where to find the best Garmin Black Friday deals?

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Garmin watches are sold by several retailers in both the US and UK. We’ve picked the ones we’d recommend combing through for deals this Black Friday.

These sites are offering bigger and bigger Black Friday deals year after year. Have a look for yourself and see how much you can save.

Garmin Black Friday sales shortlist

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When will Garmin Black Friday sales start in 2022?

Black Friday is technically just on November 25th, the first Friday after Thanksgiving. However, retailers realised long ago they could capitalise earlier and so the Black Friday savings are already in full swing.

All the retailers we’ve listed above are already offering Black Friday discounts on Garmin products, meaning there are some generous savings to be made already. So don’t hesitate to get watch shopping.

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How to get the best Black Friday Garmin deals in 2022?

Finding the best Black Friday discounts can be a tricky business. Every retailer under the sun is trying to tempt you in with their savings, so how can you be sure you’ve found the perfect deal?

The only way to be completely certain is to look through every single deal. We’ll be listing our favourites here but we cannot cater to everyone.

If none of the deals we’ve found are appealing to you, have a look through the sites of the retailers we’ve listed. If you act quickly enough, you’re sure to save big this Black Friday.

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Features to consider when looking for a Black Friday Garmin deal


In an OLED screen, each individual pixel is capable of producing light. This makes for a crisper images with more contrast, as well as a better battery life.

The Venu watch was Garmin’s way into the OLED smartwatch market and it paid off. This stylish watch is capable of an always on, crisp display, looks great and doesn’t skimp on the fitness tracking technology we’ve come to expect from Garmin.

Battery life

Forever the bane of smartwatches, charging is a big thing to consider when buying your smartwatch. If you want to make the most of Garmin’s sleep tracking technology you’re going to need something that lasts multiple days between charges.

The good news is that Garmin sell many watches that have a, frankly, unbelievable battery life. Watches like the Enduro 2, which can go for staggering 46 days in smartwatch mode. it also comes with a powerful torch, built in – pretty neat right?

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Black Friday Garmin FAQs

Can a Garmin watch connect to iPhone?

Yes, Garmin watches are capable of synching with iPhones. Though you will notice some differences in how notifications work, these are only small.

Can a Garmin watch receive texts?

Garmin watches are capable of synching with smartphones, if you do this, you will receive texts straight to your Garmin watch.