Black Friday gaming laptop deals 2022 (4K, 1080p, 1440p, budget)

Black Friday gaming laptop deals 2022 (4K, 1080p, 1440p, budget)
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This year’s Black Friday gaming laptop deals are sure to pack a punch – especially if you’re looking to game in 4K and above 120 Hz.

We’ve found the best Black Friday gaming laptop deals to make this year’s sale as smooth-sailing for you as possible. If you like gaming wherever you go, then these Black Friday laptop deals for gaming, or even these Black Friday Lenovo or Black Friday Razer laptop deals are likely where you’ll find your next daily driver.

We’ve selected a varied product range that scales performance against price. Whether you’re interested in the best gaming laptop in 2022, or don’t mind sacrificing a few pixels for pennies, this list is going to have everything you need.

Certain retailers have already begun advertising Black Friday deals, and after semi-conductor shortages have begun to dwindle we can anticipate an explosive end to November as rising stock-levels will encourage great Black Friday gaming laptop deals this year.

Best Black Friday gaming laptop deals US 2022

We’ve selected laptops from a series of reputable brands, knowing that when you’re making as large an investment as a gaming laptop, you want all the reassurance that you’re buying a quality product.

To make things even easier for you, we’ve collected a range of deals and split them into high end, mid-range, and budget deals. We think there’s something for everyone in this list.

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Best Black Friday gaming laptop deals

Mid-range Black Friday gaming laptop deals

Budget friendly Black Friday gaming laptop deals

Black Friday 4K gaming laptop deals

If you’re looking for the best Black Friday 4K gaming laptop deals – look no further. We’ve gathered the best 4K gaming laptops, whether that’s for gaming, content creation, office use, or as multimedia hub, so that you can best enjoy the best laptops of 2022.

Black Friday 1440p gaming laptop deals

Best Black Friday gaming laptop deals UK 2022

This list of laptop deals ranges from the top end, right down to some more budget friendly options. We’ve divided the list in this way so you can find balance between performance and cost that’s right for you.

These laptops are all designed with gaming specifically in mind, ensuring you get a device capable of handling and producing vivid images smoothly.

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High-end Black Friday gaming laptop deals

Mid-range Black Friday gaming laptop deals

Budget friendly Black Friday gaming laptop deals

Where to find the best Black Friday gaming laptop deals?

With all major tech retailers capitalising on the demand for gaming laptops, a vibrant array of deals has been published across major sites. In order to reduce the amount of wasted hours spent scraping through retail sites, we’ve collected deals from all of these retailers.

When will gaming laptop Black Friday sales start in 2022?

So Black Friday fires on the 25th November this year, with Cyber Monday three days after. Big retailers have already started listing Black Friday deals, in anticipation of the day itself. We’ll make sure to keep you informed and up to date on all the latest savings.

How to get the best Black Friday gaming laptop deals in 2022?

If you haven’t got the time to scroll through hundreds of tabs on tech retailer websites to find the best Black Friday gaming laptop deals, there’s no need to sweat because you’ve got us.

Our tech experts have done the hard work of digging through pages and pages of deals, to weed out the most attractive for you. The deals page on videogamer is constantly updated with the freshest savings and newest tech, so stay tuned and we’ll sort you out this Black Friday.

Gaming laptop retailers

Razer’s website is a good starting point for laptop deals, though their base price is incredibly high. You might find better savings on other mass retailers, though you won’t find much better quality than here.

Amazon is a great place to look for savings, and have been known to offer some incredible Black Friday deals.

Best Buy is a great place to look for gaming laptops, and they regularly update their stock with great deals.

Things to consider when looking for Black Friday gaming laptop deals


Gaming laptops range in size and thickness, though compared to a desktop, this is a really crucial factor as you are very likely to be travelling on the go with the laptop. Having a device that you can easily stow away and tuck in a bag is ideal, and something that doesn’t take up too much space is also a huge benefit. The drawback is, the smaller a device, the less likely you are to have high-end larger components within. This is a double edged sword, as often with the greater performance speed of a laptop, the hotter and louder it can become.

Screen Resolution

Especially for a gaming laptop with a generally small screen, you’re going to want the densest screen resolution feasible. 4K UHD screens are very popular at the moment, though QHD screens offer much of the same quality. It’s really your own choice, as even FHD screens are still a valid option.

Internal Hardware

The processing components in a gaming laptop can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. You will really want the highest end components as compared to a desktop, the performance of a laptop is really stifled by external, environmental factors. Therefore, you want to limit external interference by investing in the highest quality components.

Is a gaming laptop actually different to a normal one?

Modern games such as God of War Ragnarok, or the new Modern Warfare 2 require a monumental amount of computing power to run smoothly. What’s more, its a kind of computing power not often found on high performance PCs that aren’t intended for gaming. For example video processing.

All the gaming laptops on this list will have a dedicated video card for producing high quality graphics. This card will carry it own RAM, GPU and system for cooling, all tasks that have to be undertaken onboard by a traditional laptop.

If you want to play any modern game on a laptop, getting one that’s designed with gaming in mind is close to a necessity.

Black Friday gaming laptop FAQs

How do I know if a gaming laptop is good?

As mentioned before, you want to concentrate on form, screen resolution, and components. If you prioritise these things, and ensure you have ample storage and memory, you will be gaming on a great laptop.

Who makes the best gaming laptop?

Our opinion is that Razer make the best gaming laptops. All things considered, the form factor and components are some of the most attractive features. The only downfall is the high price point, which is generally going to exceed most other high end gaming laptop prices.

Do I need a keyboard and mouse to game on a gaming laptop?

At Videogamer, we don’t recommend gaming with a trackpad. It would instead be hugely beneficial for you to invest in a gaming mouse.

The keyboard on the other hand is a much more viable option. It is worth sticking with the prerequisite keyboard instead of using an external one.

What gaming laptops run at 4K?

Any gaming laptop with an UHD screen will perform at 4K. If you want to maximise your experience, ensure you get a laptop with the highest refresh rate possible too.

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