Black Friday gaming chair deals 2022

Black Friday gaming chair deals 2022
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The table has been set with these Black Friday gaming chair deals, and it’s looking comfy.

If you’ve already seen our Secretlab chair deals, you’re presumably very interested in these Black Friday gaming chair deals. With the upcoming holiday season promising tasty deals, Secretlab have already begun their Black Friday deals, which we might interpret as a taunt to other gaming chair manufacturers. Surely, they’ll be aiming to jump on the bandwagon with huge discounts and savings, all of which we’ll collect on this one page.

We will be showing you the best deals from Secretlab, Razer, Logitech, and Corsair, ranging in prices and adjustability, though never compromising in quality.

We have compiled a recommended retailer list so that you can find the best deals for yourself.

Black Friday gaming chair retail shortlist:

Best Black Friday gaming chair deals

The best Black Friday gaming chair deals will be priced affordably, have quality levels of adjustment, and superior ergonomics and comfort.

We’re looking to offer you the best discounts on gaming chairs, and so we’ve spent hours comparing and filtering through only the best.

Where to find the best gaming chair Black Friday deals?

There’s a huge range of gaming chair deals out there now, and with industry standard brands such as Razer and Secretlab being opposed by cheaper yet nevertheless still well performing off-brand contenders, the average consumer is sure to be overwhelmed by choice.

Despite this, we do recommend heading through different retailers in order to find the best Black Friday gaming chair deals. This is so that you can best gauge the market prices of different chairs so you can make an informed judgement on whatever you decide on.

If you’re looking for an in-depth buyers guide on gaming chairs, check out PCguide’s comprehensive deals page on Secretlab’s Black Friday range.

Who makes the best gaming chairs?

Secretlab are well-known for their superior quality gaming chairs. The Videogamer team can vouch for this as they all sit upon a soft-cushioned-lumbar-supported Secretlab chair.

That being said, there are some formidable contenders for the throne of best gaming chair manufacturer. Though, Secretlab’s superior quality trumps them all regardless.

When will Black Friday gaming chair sales start in 2022?

Black Friday kicks off on 25th November this year, with Cyber Monday on the following 28th.

We have already started to see Black Friday Secretlab deals this year, so we anticipate other gaming chair manufacturers discounting their chairs to jump on the bargain bandwagon. So, we could see other gaming chair manufacturers dropping deals as early as late October and early November.

How to get the best Black Friday gaming chair deals in 2022?

The best place to begin, in the opinion of Videogamer, is on the Secretlab website. They’ve already begun publishing Black Friday deals much earlier than other retailers – hinting at the possibility that Black Friday might kick off way earlier than we would normally expect.

It’s also recommended that you have a look through our gaming chair retailer shortlist and browse the market for yourself.

After you’ve done that, we also recommend returning here so that we can offer you the best deals available. We’ll be keeping this page, along with all our other Black Friday deals pages, regularly updated so we can offer you the best savings out there. Pin this page if you’re interested in the best Black Friday gaming chair deals.

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Features to consider when looking for a Black Friday Gaming Chair deal

As we had previously mentioned in our Black Friday Secretlab deals page, our experts have narrowed down judgements of gaming chairs to four key features: ergonomicssupportcomfort, and adjustability.

Ergonomics: This determines how well you fit into a chair, and how healthy your posture is when seated. Gaming for extended periods of time often creates back pain and poorly maintained posture, though good ergonomics encourage your body to remain in a healthy state.

Support: Headrests and lumbar support are crucial for maximum comfort in gaming chairs. Aside from that, you’ll want sturdy and rigid armrests that don’t buckle under the pressure of your body.

Comfort: You’ll want a sturdy chair, with cushioning and padding to seat yourself comfortably. Avoid chairs without cushioning as these will irritate and chafe your body while gaming.

Adjustability: You’ll want to prioritise these features:

  • Seat height adjustment
  • Rotating armrests
  • Lumbar support
  • Reclining seats
  • Back height adjustments and modularity

Black Friday Secretlab FAQs

What’s the best gaming chair?

The best Secretlab chair is the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 edition. With magnetic arm-rest caps and the most adjustability, the top range Secretlab chair sits on the throne, or I should say is the throne, for the best gaming chair out there.

Why are gaming chairs so expensive?

Gaming chairs often drive a high price due to the calculated manufacturing which often incurs high costs. Often made with the best materials and processes, gaming chairs are designed to withstand the tests of time that often come coupled with gaming equipment. Just know that a good gaming chair can be a generational investment.

Why buy a gaming chair this Black Friday?

Gaming chairs are often slapped with high price points, though a good Black Friday deal can often drive this price down significantly.

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