Black Friday AirPods deals 2023

Black Friday AirPods deals 2023
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Looking for Black Friday AirPods Deals? Apple’s AirPods have only grown in popularity since their release back in December 2016. Now we’re onto the second generation of Airpods Pro and have been blessed with a price drop. AirPods Pro 2 usually cost around $249 / £249 which is no small sum, especially when you remember the days that you got free Apple EarPods with your new iPhone. Alas, those carefree days are over and all we can do now is jump on a good Apple deal when we see one.

We expect these deals to be snapped up fast, so let’s take you straight through to our deals section. We’re covering deals both from the US and UK so hopefully we’ve got you covered.

Best Black Friday AirPods deals 2023

Black Friday is only a few weeks away, so if you’re looking for the Best Black Friday AirPods deals, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll compile the best bang for the buck deals if you want to get your hands on these incredible true wireless earbuds.

US US Deals
Canada Canada Deals
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Where to find the best AirPods Black Friday Deals?

If you’re looking to find the best Apple AirPods Black Friday deals, then we’ve got you covered. Various online retailers will have deals on the AirPods, including Amazon, Best Buy, and others. But you’ll rarely find a Black Friday discount directly from Apple themselves, you may find that they’ll include other items in with the AirPods. You’ll still be paying full price if you go through Apple, so for a discount, you’ll want to check out our deals.

Apple AirPods Black Friday sales shortlist:

US US Deals
Canada Canada Deals
More Deals Coming Soon!

Black Friday AirPods deals

For the largest selection of Black Friday AirPods deals, then we have a wide selection of deals for you. We have a large selection of deals from online retailers for Black Friday so that you can get the best deal on your Apple AirPods.

When will AirPods Black Friday sales start in 2023?

Black Friday starts on November 24, 2023 this year, so that’s when sales will kick off. That being said, some online retailers may have an “early bird” sale on their sites, so why not take advantage of those. We’ll have those deals in this guide if there are any. So if you don’t want to deal with the day of sales, then check to see if any of those.

How to get the best Black Friday AirPods deals in 2023?

The biggest thing that you can do to get the best AirPods deals for Black Friday is knowing what the deals are. Thankfully, we’ll have those deals for you here. Now, another thing to consider is the generation versus price comparison. If you can get a previous generation of AirPods for a lot cheaper than the current generation, then it may be worth considering going with the previous gen version to get the best deal. After that, you just want to make sure that you don’t miss the deal, so checking our guide regularly will give you the most up-to-date information of when these deals go live.

Features to consider when looking for a Black Friday AirPods Deal

When you’re looking for a Black Friday AirPods deal, there are a few things you’ll want to consider outside of price. Different generations may have different feature sets, and the Pro versions have different features than the normal versions. So here are a few things to keep in mind.

Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is a very nice feature to have for earbuds. This makes it so that noise from the outside world doesn’t bleed into your listening experience, allowing you to hear whatever you’re listening to much better. Not all AirPods models come with ANC, so keep that in mind when choosing which AirPods deal you’re going with.

Battery Life

Battery life is also another important thing to consider. If you want to use your AirPods all day, you’ll want to know if you’re going to need to charge them half way through the day. On top of this, you’ll want to know how much additional battery life the carrying case can hold before you’ll have to hook it up to the wall.

Transparency Mode

Transparency Mode is another feature that is invaluable for the right person. This allows you to selectively hear the world around you. This is important for example if you’re out on a bike ride or a run. This will let you hear any cars or sirens around you to keep you safe. If you’re doing this kind of activity, then this is a must have.

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