Black Friday 85 inch TV deals – savings from Best Buy and Amazon

Black Friday 85 inch TV deals – savings from Best Buy and Amazon
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An 85 inch TV isn’t just big. It’s capable of transforming a regular living room into an immersive home-theatre experience. The question is: is bigger better? Well, when the ‘bigger’ in question is jam-packed with some of the best 4K and 8K resolution, surround sound, curved displays, and some of the most high-end TV tech in the biz, 85 inch TVs make a very good case for themselves.

Amongst this list, you’ll find the best TVs for gaming, meaning that if you’re looking for the best TV for PS5 or the best TV for Xbox Series X, you need not look much further.

What’s more, this Black Friday you’ll be able to take one of these cinematic dreamboats home with you for a sizable chunk off the original cost.

Coming in at a pretty penny (putting it mildly), save this Black Friday sale with all the best deals on 85 inch TVs. This page will guide you through the best places to look, what to look for, and how to get your hands on an 85″ screen – whether it’s the best Black Friday Samsung TV deal or the best Black Friday Sony Bravia TV deals.

Black Friday 85 inch TV deals US 2022

Here are some of the best deals on offer for 85 inch TVs right now in the US:

Black Friday 85 inch TV deals UK 2022

If you’re searching from the UK, there’s some spectacular savings to be discovered also:

Where to find the best 85 inch TV Black Friday deals?

More Deals Coming Soon!

There’s nothing I’m sure that excites you more then scouring the internet for countless offers (sarcasm). So, we’ve decided to compile a shortlist of the best places with the best deals to save you potentially hours of time comparing deals. We recommend:

When will 85 inch TV Black Friday sales start in 2022?

Black Friday will commence on November 25th this year. However, at places such as Ebuyer and other massive retailers, early bird Black Friday sales are already on. What are you waiting for? No, seriously, what are you waiting for? Unfortunately, Black Friday in recent years has become a sort of Black Month, where deals will be cropping up throughout the month of November, so it’s best to try and find them as early as possible to lessen the chances of disappointment on the actual day.

How to get the best Black Friday 85 inch TV deals in 2022?

The first and most important tip for you to know is that you have to be constantly looking; this is likely the most competitive time of the year for retailers, and they’ll be doing anything in their power to lower prices in comparison to their rivals. The best chance you have of staying up to date on that front is to keep checking this page! Bookmark it on your browser and regularly check, we’ll be updating it frequently.

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What is the best 85-inch TV to buy on Black Friday?

The best 85-inch TV to buy on Black Friday is actually an 83-inch TV. The LG G2 83-inch TV is the most impressive TV we’ve seen on the market. With a stunning OLED panel and 4K UHD resolution – this TV offers scintillating visual quality.

The price speaks for itself – normally $6,499.99 it’s been reduced to $4,799.99 on Best Buy.

Features to consider when looking for a Black Friday 85 inch TV deal

There’s a few things to look at when deciding on an 85 inch TV. Their importance is paramount, especially with the usual price tags. They are: resolutionrefresh rate, and panel type.

Resolution: If you’re going to be watching something that spans 85″, you’ll definitely see a marked difference when choosing 4K and above. Not only this, but for 85 inch TVs, this is the standard for gaming and video now. You will be met with a beautiful screen quality and a huge range of colours.

Refresh rate: If you’re looking for a gaming TV, say for your PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, you’ll want a TV that can operate at at least 120Hz. This is essential for Next Generation Gaming, however a TV at 60Hz will work perfectly if you only plan for home cinema use.

Panel type: There are a few standard panel types – LCD, LED. OLED, or QLED. It is recommended that you look for a TV with an OLED or QLED panel, as these offer the best color vibrancy and gamut, pixel density, and deepest blacks. Not only this, but looking at such a wide screen will certainly be an intense experience on the eyes, so going for an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) screen will certainly be better for your eyes.

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Black Friday 85 inch TV FAQs

Who make the best 85 inch TVs?

This is not a simple answer and will completely depend on what you’re planning to use your TV and what you favour most, whether that’s specifications or thin-ness. We recommend Sony, Samsung and LG as our top and tested 85″ screens.

How far away should you sit from an 85″ inch TV screen?

As the screen size gets bigger, the further you should normally sit. The optimal viewing distance of an 85 inch TV for picture quality and eye safety is judged at around 7 feet to 10.5 feet away.