Best OLED TV deals in January 2023

Best OLED TV deals in January 2023
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If you want to see your TV pop with color, we’ve found a selection of the best OLED TV deals to get you started.

This year kicked off with a bang as CES 2023 took the tech world by storm. As usual, LG has made some exciting new announcements to support their already impressive OLED TV line. This includes their teasing of the LG C3, plus their very first wireless TV.

Generally, when new technology launches, we see older models being pushed more by retailers and manufacturers looking to make space for newer models. This generally means that deals become more popular – so we’ve been looking specifically for OLED TV deals.

With that in mind – we’ve found the best OLED TV deals for 4K TVs, OLED, QD-OLED, and gaming TVs.

We’ve found OLED TV deals from retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy who are both trusted retailers with deals updated often.

We’ve also gathered deals on TVs with varying price and quality standards – including budget TVs and more expensive ones.

Best OLED TV deals in January 2023

We’ve found these 75 inch TV deals from the below listed retailers:

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more deals from other retailers, though in the meantime here are the best OLED TV deals spanning a range of prices, brands, and quality.

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Save $400!


4K, HDR10, 60Hz refresh rate, OLED, Smart WebOS
More Deals Coming Soon!
More Deals Coming Soon!

Our favourite OLED TV deal in January 2023

DEAL: Samsung S95B 65″ 4K Smart TV – was $2,999 now $1,999

Of the deals listed above, our favourite is definitely Samsung’s popular S95B 65″ TV which is currently discounted by $1000.

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The S95B uses a new type of OLED panel known as QD-OLED combining perfect blacks, high contrasts and huge viewing angles to produce one of the best OLED displays we’ve seen for a while.

Though LCD displays can often outperform OLED TVs in terms of peak brightness levels, the S95B copes extremely well in bright rooms. These wins, alongside HDR, HDMI 2.1 support and 4K @ 120Hz makes this TV stand out from the crowd.

Should I buy an OLED TV?

An OLED TV is a brilliant choice if you’re after saturated colors, great viewing angles, good contrasts. In other words, if you want your TV content to look its best, go for an OLED TV. Though their quality can be reflected in their price, January is looking like an excellent time to bag yourself an OLED TV for a discounted price.

In comparison to LCD, OLED TVs generally have a much higher contrast levels, capable of producing truly inky blacks.

How to find the best OLED TV deals

If you’re on the look-out for the best OLED TV deals – we’d recommend looking at retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy & Samsung. You can expect these retailers to have big campaigns running throughout the year.