Best Prime Day RTX 3070 deals in Oct 2023

Best Prime Day RTX 3070 deals in Oct 2023
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Looking for the best Prime Big Deal Days RTX 3070 deals? You’ve come to the right place.

A powerful graphics card can make all the difference when it comes to your gaming experience. That’s why it is important to know which graphics card is the best for you and secure it at the best possible price. Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days event has arrived, and there are lots of brilliant deals on some of the best GPUs for gaming available right now.

From the top graphics card for 4K gaming to the best budget graphics cards, Amazon sports a vast collection of GPUs. We’ve put together some of our favourite RTX 3070 deals to help you get ahead. Score the best deal without having to wait until the mid-October, Prime Big Deal Days bonanza.

Prime Day RTX 3070 deals

We will keep adding brand-new deals here. So, check in for more deals as Prime Day continues.

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Where to find the best early RTX 3070 Prime Day deals?

If you’re looking for deals ahead of the Prime Big Deal Days event, rest assured that there will still be fantastic offers across several Amazon departments in the lead-up. For RTX 3070s, it’s always worth checking the manufacturers’ website for recent reductions. Discounts are often limited-time offers, so if you’re particularly savvy you may want to try regularly checking in on your favourite items. Sometimes, you might end up paying more for an item through the manufacturer’s website, especially if there is not a promotion. For some, this is an acceptable compromise as buying straight from the manufacturer may also protect you from the possible disappointment of losing your hard-earned money to an untrustworthy seller. 

Are RTX 3070s worth buying during the early Prime Day period?

These early Prime Big Deal Days sales offer a fantastic opportunity to get some of the most sought-after GPUs at reduced prices. Therefore, it’s worth making the most of this early deal period. Why pay more at a later date when you can save money by purchasing now? It’s unclear how long the early Prime Deal Days offers might last. So, if you see a deal that suits you, we think now is a great time to invest.

Will I get a better deal on an RTX 3070 on Prime Day?

The official dates for this Amazon Event are the 10th and 11th of October 2023. The deals period will last 48 hours, with offers spanning across Amazon’s extensive product range. As this deal event is similar to its July Prime Day event, you can expect to see RTX 3070s at reduced prices. There is a chance that you will be able to get a better deal during the event. However, it is not guaranteed and you will have to wait to find out. If you find a deal that matches your specific gaming needs before the event opens, we think you’re best off making the most of it. All the deals will be available for limited time periods, so it’s worth judging them individually.