Train Sim World Founders Edition, a first-person outing from Dovetail Games that is the closest thing you're going to get to driving an actual train from your sofa, is choo-chooing its way to Xbox One on March 9.

According to the press blurb, Train Sim World Founders Edition functions as an ideal entry point into the sim world, allowing rail buffs to easily get to grips with tutorial controls and advance all the way to tinkering with a fully functioning train cab without assistance.

Powered by some Unreal Engine 4-sized muscles, Train Sim World Founders Edition takes advantage of real-world data to 'accurately replicate performance, sound, and feel of real trains.' You'll be able to hop into the cab of a diverse range of locomotives, all of which are fully interactive thanks to an intuitive interface designed with the Xbox One controller in mind.

Hardcore train aficionados can tuck into the Service Mode, which features a timetable based on real-world activities allowing you to hop into the role of either the driver or passenger. With a strict timetable to adhere to, you'll have your skills and endurance put to the ultimate test.

‘Train Sim World Founders Edition is the perfect fit for Xbox One.  We wanted to ensure that we struck the right balance between accessibility and authenticity so the player gets an experience that on one hand feels intuitive and on the other hand feels challenging and rewarding.  We’re excited to be delivering a true simulation experience on the Xbox One and we can’t wait to see what people do with it,' commented Dovetail Games' Senior Vice President of Development, Rob O' Farrell.